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Josh Hawley (r) [2016 file photo].

On hearing the news:

The media do not get to determine who the president is. The people do. When all lawful votes have been counted, recounts finished, and allegations of fraud addressed, we will know who the winner is
12:01 PM · Nov 7, 2020

You in Missouri, dude? Just asking.

Some of the responses:

And when that’s all over, Joe Biden will be your president.

Yes, and that will be @JoeBiden

The allegations of fraud are baseless, and your amplification of them is disgraceful.

I’ve said this before, but @YaleLawSch schools consider rescinding your degree. A competent attny would understand that without evidence, allegations are nonsense.

“…Now I know he went to Yale, I think, or Harvard, one of those, one of those fancy ones…”

Senator Claire McCaskill (D) – town hall in Warrensburg – Press Q and A – August 17, 2017 (August 17, 2017)


Yep, voters decide. And they have. They voted overwhelmingly for Biden

No kidding. But even ppl in the media know how to do math. There’s not enough ballots for Trump to catch up. Biden’s lead in Penn is large enough compared to the remaining ballots to preliminarily call the race. We need better education in Mo. every our senators struggle.

He slept through those classes.

We don’t really care whether you accept the results of this election or not. Talk to your therapist about it.

Is this the first election you have paid attention to? Since you are an elected official I assume you are aware, projected winners are always called. With a current lead of over 4 million popular votes, it appears the people have spoken. but yeah, let’s wait.

Wait, I thought you wanted to stop counting votes?

Go home, male Karen

Bullshit allegations of fraud don’t matter. And the people have already spoken.

And it will be Biden. And damn you for trying to undermine the legitimate voting process.

Also, for a Constitutional Professor, you don’t seem to know much about that.

Sure, do a recount. Republican legislators in PA refused to allow mail-in ballots be pre-counted because they wanted the process to take days in order to support unwarranted allegations of fraud. Your party can game and lie all they want, the votes will tell the truth.

You never fail to embarrass us, Josh.

I guess denial is not just a river in Egypt

Is that thing where I get to revel in your conservative tears?

Yes. See below.

Senator, it’s not the media who’s determined who’s President-Elect, it’s MATH.

And on and on.

It’ll do: