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He can’t help himself.

Josh Hawley (r) [2016 file photo].


Josh Hawley @HawleyMO
65 million American Catholics are going to be very interested to learn that @JoeBiden’s Democrats think they can’t be trusted to serve as judges or in public office if they’re “too Catholic” – Democrat bigotry on full display with #AmyConeyBarrett
10:28 AM · Sep 26, 2020

Not particularly bright, is he? As if the Democratic Party is so bigoted that it nominated and elected Joe Biden, a devout, practicing Catholic, to be Vice President of the United States in 2008 and 2012 and nominated him to be their presidential candidate in 2020. Josh Hawley (r) must really believe his voters are that stupid.

Some of the many responses:

Sorry, most of my Catholic family doesn’t have time to read this bullshit because we’re volunteering + donating to keep our unemployed neighbors fed + checking in on those who lost family due to COVID-19.

We’re in Missouri helping people.

You’re in DC (or NM) hating people.

I’m a Catholic, your constituent and a @JoeBiden Democrat. I graduated from Catholic elementary school and high school. First, I don’t grade people on their Catholicism but the same can’t be said for other members of our faith who claim I’m not Catholic enough.

I believe that one’s faith is between them and their God. Second, I have no problem with members of any faith serving on the court. I do have a problem if their faith is imposed on me against my will. Even when it’s a member of my own religion.

Same here. I’m a catholic Missourian and I take offense at the implication, generalization and judgemental attitude. In other words Josh, PISS OFF!

Honestly, the whole Right-Wing Protestant attempted defense of ACB being that the left hates her for being “too Catholic” really shows how they still seem to believe that average Catholicism is a weird extremist cult and not just Methodists+guilt+saints.

Biden is Catholic. I’m voting for him.

Former Vice President Joe Biden (D) [2020 file photo].


As a Catholic, I’d just like to say you’re horrible at this.

You’re so out of touch. None of this is true and you know it.

Hi. Catholic here, who is voting for Biden. I prefer separation of church and state, and think it would be pretty super duper Christian to save the ACA during a global pandemic rather than try to kill it. Also, morals are important for presidents.

I’m a practicing Catholic. Don’t speak for me. I understand the complexities of my faith, my fellow Catholics, politics, and conservative projection and spin.

I’m voting for Joe Biden.

This is a stupid argument from a stupid person

Don’t be obtuse. She said law is a means to the Kingdom of God. She opened the door to that.

Joe Biden and Nancy Pelosi are Catholic. This is an embarrassing tweet.

Don’t think that’s the case. However she’s explicitly closed her own mind based on her own writing. I’d trust a catholic in there who can set aside themselves and rule and govern as set forth by “We the people…” and expand it. You’ve done nothing for me as your constituent.

Stop with your culture war bullshit. You’re out of your depth.

Catholic and voting for Biden. Your constant attempts to further divide the country and pit Americans against each other by spreading lies and hate is the antithesis of Jesus’ teachings.

Sigh, only the gop would say some stupid stuff like this.

Your trying to create a controversy to cover up the spineless thing you are doing.

You made the rules, now you break them when you know you are going to lose complete control of the government. You have no honor

Joe Biden is a Catholic. Did anyone tell you that?


I will fight with sweat and tears to see you defeated in the next election.

2 out of 3 of Obama’s Supreme Court picks are Catholic. Only one got confirmed, but still. There’s pretty clear evidence Democrats aren’t anti-Catholic considering we keep voting for them, nominating them, and are Catholic ourselves.

I am pretty darn Catholic, and I oppose any SC nomination this close to an election.

What a load. You aren’t going to divide Catholics from Joe. He goes to mass while Trump goes to golf. We know Joe.

I’m Catholic and am happily voting for @JoeBiden!

Joe Biden (D) [2020 file photo].

I was raised Catholic, grew up attending Catholic schools and I find it insulting that you think lying to me will get my vote. I am voting for Biden, a devout Catholic.

Quiz…name Catholics who have run on a national Republican ticket. Hint; it’s one less than the number of Catholics on this year’s Democratic ticket.

I’m a Catholic Democrat and I’m voting for Joe.

Not what anyone said, but thanks for playing.

The Democrats nominated a weekly Mass-going Catholic for president. The GOP likes Donald Trump.

Joe goes to church. Trump golfs and tweets BS.

The Senate has betrayed America. It doesn’t do what people want.

Nice try Josh. Are these the @GOP new talking points? I don’t care about her being Catholic. I’m Catholic. I just don’t trust her with my healthcare, with my daughter’s right to choose and most importantly I’m sure she had to profess her “loyalty” to the current occupant.

Pelosi is Catholic. Biden is Catholic.

Your amount of lying tells me you have no Faith or values espoused in by any religion.

If the Catholic church is asking me to vote for @realDonaldTrump, then I guess I’m done being Catholic.

As a Catholic Democrat who already voted for Joe Biden during early voting in Virginia, gotta say this a spectacularly bad take. Catholics are constantly balancing spirituality with the desire to allow others to live their lives according to their beliefs, not ours.

What religion is Joe Biden?

How about Sonya Sotomayor?

Josh Hawley doesn’t care about those particular facts.

Well then, I’m going to vote for the Catholic!

Dude, after a couple of decades, the constant outrage and hysteria just doesn’t hit outside the Republic base. At some point, you’re going to have to broaden your appeal, and to use last year’s phrase, this ain’t it, chief.

Catholic here. Voting for Biden!

Former Vice President Joe Biden (D) [2020 file photo].

I’m a Catholic and I will be wholeheartedly voting for BidenHarris, comfortable in the knowledge that I won’t be persecuted under their administration.

The Democrats, who just voted for a practicing Catholic to be the presidential nominee, hate Catholics, the new GOP talking point.

Lifelong Catholic here who thinks Josh Hawley is actually demeaning Catholics in this tweet.

What have you done for Missouri as our Senator? Teachers? Farmers?

Oh, you guys are really trying to play this hard

Found the Louie Gohmert of the US Senate!

That was unfair to Louie Gohmert.

I believe you’d be surprised to know that a large…very large…part of those 65 million American Catholics can see right through this ridiculous attempt to stir up some kind of anti-Catholic controversy. (We’re also pro-choice)

And on and on…