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Today, from Missouri DHSS:

800 confirmed cases (72 hour delay).

From Johnson County [Missouri] Community Health Services:

826 confirmed cases.

And, from a private [Matthew Holloway] Missouri COVID-19 statistics site:

885 confirmed cases.

The New York Times now [widely cited] places Warrensburg, Missouri as #3 in the nation for municpalities with the highest increase of COVID-19 cases per 100,000 population.

And then this, from Johnson County [Missouri] Community Health Services, removing the mandatory mask order at midnight Sunday.

JCCHS Issues Public Health Advisory
September 11, 2020

WARRENSBURG, Mo. (Sept. 11, 2020) – With the novel coronavirus disease still prevalent in Johnson County, the Johnson County Public Health Officer and the Johnson County Community Health Services Board of Trustees have issued a county-wide Public Health Advisory, replacing the Face Covering Order at 12:01 a.m. beginning Monday, Sept. 14, 2020.

The Public Health Advisory will stay in place until the state emergency within the State of Missouri is retracted, or until deemed necessary to replace with additional forms of safety precautions.

The advisory, in accordance with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) guidelines and the Missouri Department of Health and Senior Services (DHSS), strongly recommends each individual within Johnson County take safety precautions, specifically wearing face coverings in public to mitigate the risk and slow the spread of COVID-19.

Individual Recommendations:

Individuals are strongly encouraged to wear a face covering when in a public setting (including but not limited to grocery stores, pharmacies, businesses/organizations, place of worship, gym, community centers, libraries, schools, taxis, buses); and
Wear a face covering anytime when social distancing measures are difficult to maintain; and
Maintain a safe distance of at least 6-feet from others; and
Avoid parties and social gatherings involving anyone from outside the immediate household; and
Other measure such as hand washing and cleaning/disinfecting frequently touched surfaces.
Business/Organizations Recommendations: All public locations are encouraged to implement specific safety precautions to continue mitigating the risk to employees and visitors.

Strongly encourage all employees to wear face coverings; and
Strongly encourage visitors to wear face coverings upon entry; and
Encourage face coverings to continue to be worn, especially when social distancing cannot be maintained; and
Allow for social distancing; and
Limit group gatherings as is possible.
The goal is to reduce the positive COVID-19 cases in Johnson County.

Best practice recommendations state that individuals should wear face coverings in public settings when around people outside of their household, especially when social distancing measures are difficult to maintain.

Face coverings help prevent individuals who have COVID-19 from spreading the virus to others, and are most likely to reduce the spread of COVID-19 when they are widely used by individuals in public settings. A face covering should not replace social distancing, but used as an additional layer of protection.




A few of the comments on the JCCHS social media page:

Thinking a mask is going to save your life is insane. Masks don’t save lives God does.

Supplicant: “God, why did you not protect me from this pandemic?” God: “What are you talking about? I gave you math, science, logic, statistics, and medical expertise and you still didn’t wear a mask?”

Nobody believes a mask is going to save their life.

Would you believe in a Level 4 biohazard suit?

So do we HAVE to wear masks or only if we want to or if the business requires it?

Or, if you want to protect others in the community. Sociopaths and people who lack any empathy for others need not bother.

The virus is never going away folks. It’s a virus. If we do not resume a more normal way of life, everyone who has worn a mask long term now has weakened lungs anyway. So, if they do contract this virus that is hard on the lungs, they are that much worse off.
If we encourage healthy living and building strong immune systems, we are better off.
We should always put the elderly and those with low immune systems first, if they need to stay home and get curbside pickup and let others do errands for them so be it. But, healthy strong citizens who have been working throughout this whole year (without a mask for most of it I might add) should be able to make their own decisions.

Consistently fell asleep in class in high school.

Haven’t any of you noticed how the number of cases went up after the mandate ?? People are wearing masks and still getting it but then again there are false positives so the numbers aren’t accurate anyway. Wash your hands, each healthy and take your vitamins. That will work better than a mask.

Has difficulty with concepts like large numbers, exponential growth, and science.

What could possibly go wrong?

Wear a damn mask. And while you’re at it, wear some damn gloves.

Stay Home. Wash your hands. Don’t touch your face. Stay away from stupid people. Good luck to us all. We’re gonna need it, there are a lot of stupid people.