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Representative Vicky Hartzler (r) [2016 file photo].

The set up:

Vicky Hartzler @VickyH4Congress
You can find me on Amazon’s Alexa to learn more about me & my views, & find out ways to help my campaign. Just say “Alexa, enable Vicky Hartzler Campaign” to get started!
10:46 AM · Aug 15, 2020

The follow through:

Lindsey Simmons @LynzforCongress
You didn’t have to list yourself on Amazon for us to know you can be bought and sold.
10:53 AM · Aug 15, 2020

And the finish:

Lindsey Simmons @LynzforCongress
And why anyone should have to risk their shaky satellite internet and $50-$100 for an Alexa device just to hear from the person who represents them is beyond me.

But you keep doing you. Let that approval rating keep sinking further and further underwater.
10:53 AM · Aug 15, 2020


Lindsey Simmons (D) [2020 file photo].