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Today in west central Missouri:

The list:

1. Police Lives Matter
2. Hillary Clinton for Prison 2016
3. Trump Pence Make America Great Again 2016
4. Do your homework Republicans ended slavery…
5. Annoy a Democrat. Use facts and logic.
6. Only Obama and Liberals could turn terrorists into victims and conservatives into a threat
7. Annoy a Democrat. Hold honest elections.
8. [fine print]
9. [peace sign] Footprint of the American chicken
10. Politically incorrect and proud of it
11. So you’ll kill an innocent baby but not a convicted murderer?
12. Global warming is Liberal hot air
13. I don’t believe Liberal media
14. [man plus woman equals] marriage
[skipping a few]
21. No Sharia law for America
22. Gun control is being able to hit your target!
[skipping a few]
25. Proud Infidel
[skipping the last]

Probably undecided at this point.