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This evening:

Ivanka Trump @IvankaTrump
If it’s Goya, it has to be good.
Si es Goya, tiene que ser bueno.
9:05 PM · Jul 14, 2020

Some of the responses:

Oh photoshop Twitter is about to wreck you

Goya fuck yourself.

Why is a senior White House official endorsing a food product?

Ladies and gentleman, a message from a senior White House advisor at one of the most tragic moments in America history.

I dont think I have seen anything since this nightmare began that more thoroughly underscores how unfit this entire Administration is to serve.

I know some kids in cages along the southern border who’ve not had a proper meal in quite some time. You might consider addressing their hunger, illness and emotional distress at being imprisoned.

But it would would require you to have a soul.

You’re aging faster than a can of beans

Using the White House to sell beans?

Trumps are such an embarrassment

My God

Um you just broke the law Senior Advisor to the President. Not like you care or anything

Millions unemployed, 136k dead, delays in COVID testing and you’re posing with a can of beans.

Did you use the money you stole from the inauguration fund to buy them.

Fucking grifter.

Whoever is programming the simulation isn’t even trying anymore, folks.

And on and on.