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On Saturday in Aurora, Colorado at a memorial vigil for Elijah McClain, a violinist.

Video from : Something Witty

Apparently, string instruments and music and art are considered dangerous weapons. But we’ve always known that, just not in the sense that authority believes them to be.

The courage of those string players, to keep playing while exposed to tear gas or pepper gas and authority in riot gear, is astounding.

Just so non-musicians understand – string players consider their instruments sacred, not only as a vessel for expressing the art of music in the now, but as an intergenerational calling to be handed from the past through the present to the future.

As an example, my cello is approximately 110 years old, it existed before me and will continue long past my lifetime.

For authority to threaten and desecrate not only a peaceful memorial, but musicians and those instruments, with their violence and threats of violence is a crime against humanity, culture, and the future.