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Two months ago is a long time.

A social media post on February 24, 2020 – along with an article about the pandemic in South Korea – from a friend with long experience in public health and epidemics. We took his warning very seriously.

Now would be a good time to pick up several bottles of fever reducers, pedialyte, some N95 mask or at least some bandannas and cloth gloves. Lay up some food enough for 8 weeks or so. If we have a flu outbreak or this coronavirus you do not want to have to go out.

If you go out keep your face covered, wear gloves – do not touch anything you do not have to.

Should there be cases in your area limit contact with others. Try not to go out and if you need something have it delivered or pick up curbside.

With delivered items have the driver leave, let the item sit for a while if you can. With gloves on go get package and open/discard the outer packaging. Take off gloves wash hands. Let it sit some more, couple hours anyway then put it away.

Take your gloves off, wash your hands and then take your mask off, then wash your hands again when you come home. Put your clothes in the washer and take a shower. Get sleep, drink lots of water.

Yes I told you to remove gloves, wash hands, remove mask, wash hands. Wash hands every time prior to touching your face.

If you have to work and cannot do so with gloves – frequent use of hand sanitize solutions. Train yourself not to touch your face unless you wash or just used sanitizer. Cheap hand sanitizer bottle of Glycerin and bottles of 90% isopropyl alcohol put 5 ml of the glycerin in the bottle of isopropyl alcohol and shake. If you like it more smoother add more glycerin.

The mask – N 95 – if you cannot get them than use anything scarf/bandannas. Do not touch your eyes, face, mouth with unwashed hands. Gloves – cloth gloves are fine – get home wash them.

What you are working towards is to not touch a surface or person that could have the virus and then touch your face, eyes, mouth.

Get food, mask, fever reducers, gloves – now.

We did.

At that time we made a large purchase (larger than our usual monthly shopping) at the national pro-worker membership store. In different places we acquired a modest number of N95 masks, a good supply of fever reducers, cleaning supplies, nitral gloves, a relatively modest supply of Pedialyte, and non-perishable foodstuffs.

I made one trip to my office to pick up work related materials – and a very large bottle of hand sanitizer I had previously left behind.

In the ensuing two months the resident quilter has sewn a number of Batik (denser weave) masks. We use those, too, when we rarely venture out. We only do so to pick up ordered groceries or to take a short walk outside when the weather is warmer (masked and crossing the street to maintain social distance). We ordered liner (light) gloves online from a mountaineering supply company so that we each now have two pairs which we can cycle through the laundry.

We’re militant about maintaining our isolation and using soap and water. We follow that advice from two months ago to the letter. That is not going to change anytime soon. No matter what ill-informed and anti-science political leaders say.