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With any luck this will be part of the historical record and a continuing embarrassment for generations of his descendants.


Senator John Cornyn @JohnCornyn
Blah blah blah
7:47 PM · Mar 22, 2020

Some of the responses:

Why don’t you fucking quit. You act more like a schoolyard bully than a Senator. You’ve harmed the country, and you’re seeking to give billions to big corporations.

Just quit.

From Joe Lockhart: Have another corona asshat

I sure hope the hell you folks say you believe in, exists, John. You’re a shoo-in.

Constituent here. We are on to you. You robbed us after 9/11, you robbed us in 2008. Not again. No bail outs for stock buy backs determined by foreclosure guy.

From Kurt Eichenwald: I can’t tell you the depth of the contempt I feel for you right now. Why don’t you call my colleague whose cousin died and start telling your corona beer joke and “blah blah blah.” Oh, and as you laugh at the sick and the dead, tell us what a great Christian you are. Grow up!

Oh he’s all grown up. What he needs to do is fuck right off.

Everyone is embarrassed for you dude

Can you imagine being an ancestor of this guy?

Can you imagine being a descendant?

I’d say you’re acting like a toddler, but that would be an insult to actual toddlers.

American workers are out of work. Families are struggling. Small businesses are closing. The GOP wants to give a massive bailout to large corporations and yet again leave American workers behind. You’re acting like a 12 year old. Do your job. #FamiliesFirst #WorkersFirst

If you don’t care about this, and you’ve made it pretty clear that you don’t, then you should resign and let someone who actually gives a damn about Americans and Texans take your place.

There is a pandemic. It’s threatening the health and financial security of millions of Americans.

You wanted a slush fund for corporate bailouts.

Dems said no.

Your response is “blah blah blah”

In a time of crisis, what a serious leader you are….

You are just terrible.

If you don’t want the job, stop running for it.

This is SERIOUS! Just try, for once in your life, to do the right thing.

We’re in the middle of a national emergency, and you’re acting like a snotty eight-year-old. Great job.

You are really really bad at your job.

$500 billion for corporations. And, you have the gall to mock someone who is trying to help the American people. Shame on you.

Sounds like you don’t have the attention span for the job. Maybe you should go.

I sincerely hope you lose in November. You’re useless.

Good to know you hate Americans and only want corporations to be saved

Dallas County is under shelter in place rules starting Monday night because projections are ~half a million Texans will die if our leaders don’t take this seriously and act now.
Armed with this knowledge,
@JohnCornyn gives us “blah blah blah”.
That’s today’s GOP.

Not only are you a horrible human being. You’re also a truly worthless Senator.

You are an abomination. Resign

It goes on and on…