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Chutzpah, too.

Rep. Jason Smith @RepJasonSmith
For our community, access to care isn’t just a talking point – it’s a matter of life or death. Last week, I continued my fight for rural healthcare and met with Director Carroll of the @ONDCP and @GovParsonMO for a roundtable in Cape Girardeau.
9:49 AM · Feb 24, 2020

Hypocrisy, they think it’s a good look.

The replies, as always, are priceless:

You have devoted your entire career, both in the Missouri General Assembly and in the Congress, to blocking healthcare for working people in your District. Besides the health effects, your actions have resulted in closed hospitals in your District.

you’ve been active in preventing access.

You want to protect folks with pre-existing conditions — but at a higher price for them. Currently the ACA which you oppose makes it illegal to consider pre-existing conditions in pricing. So you want to repeal the ACA to change that? Why? Keep your filthy hands off the ACA.

How about helping Missouri expand Medicaid to save rural hospitals. It was Gingrich’s and Heritage’s plan. Time to stop being stupid because of Obama. He’s done. You can try thinking with you own brain now. 36 states accept our federal expanded Medicaid dollars. And Gov. Pence.

You voted to kill my insurance.

Yes Jason, it can be life or death, but your voting record tells a different story than this talking point.

Oh please. You voted to take away healthcare from Missourians

Um… @RepJasonSmith voted against ACA – the exact opposite of which you are telling people today. What’s up with that?

Medicaid expansion would automatically cover 200,000 more Missouri residents and save us $100 million! The feds cover 90% of the cost. [….]

At this point you’re just punking us.

Getting scared, bro? Remember when you celebrated voting to repeal the ACA with no replacement? Yeah, I do. Y’all brought beer in to celebrate. You’ve been fighting to TAKE AWAY healthcare, you lying PoS.