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There was a Democratic Party presidential candidate debate in Las Vegas, Nevada last night. Who won?:

1. Elizabeth Warren

She’s the one.

@markos “What Warren is doing to Bloomberg? Imagine her doing it to Trump.”

@JoyAnnReid “Elizabeth Warren came to this debate with a clear plan and Bloomberg in her sights and she is executing that plan with authority, and side-swiping her rivals onstage too. It’s honestly not even close. #DebDebate”

@laurenthehough “The thing about @ewarren is she knows, now matter how dead the monster looks, you fucking kill him again.”

@CharlesPPierce “That Warren answer on foreclosure was a serious bit of leadership.”

@tonymess “The invisible one is winning. @ewarren”

@AoDespair “And this, good people, is why Warren Is my first choice. Progressive politics and a taste for the jugular in a political contest that will only get uglier as we march to November. I want her coming off the top rope with a folding chair on Donald Trump.”

@curtismharris “Elizabeth Warren is channeling an inner fury that only comes from grading papers that have no thesis statement.”

Senator Elizabeth Warren (D) [2019 file photo]

2. Joe Biden

Joe’s a nice guy. I like Joe.

Vice President Joe Biden (D) [2014 file photo].

3. Bernie Sanders

@JRubinBlogger “maybe it is Buttigieg or Klobuchar but Bernie’s yelling old man routine is quite noticeably irritating tonight”

If you’re not angry, you’re not paying attention.

@EricHolthaus “Bernie Sanders: “Mike Bloomberg owns more wealth than the bottom 125 million Americans. That’s wrong. That’s immoral.””

@Johngcole “Bernie is right. You don’t earn a billion dollars. You take it.”

Senator Bernie Sanders (D) [2016 file photo].

4. Amy Klobuchar

@kenklippenstein “buttigieg vs. klobuchar was so much repressed midwestern rage I thought they were gonna open a black hole”

@RachelEPotucek “”Are you saying I’m dumb?” @amyklobuchar calling out @PeteButtigieg’s tone is everything”

Senator Amy Klobuchar (D) [2019 file photo]

5. Pete Buttigieg

@Will_Bunch “Never find someone who hates you the way Amy Klobuchar hates Pete Buttigieg”

@MBersin “Translation: “The two most Jewish candidates on this stage.””

Mayor Pete Buttigieg (D) [2019 file photo].

78. Mike Bloomberg

It was like watching a mink coat get clubbed.

@CharlesPPierce “I am stunned at how really bad Bloomberg is at this.”

@justinbaragona “Bloomberg brought a wallet to a gun fight tonight”

@andizeisler “Listen, some pundits may say that it was unsporting for Elizabeth Warren to kick off this debate by ripping Mike Bloomberg’s arms off and using them to punch him in the dick, but i respectfully disagree”

@MEPFuller “Michael Bloomberg is paying hundreds of millions of dollars to do this to himself.This is what we call a “self-own.””

3,256. Chuck Todd

Useless. The pundit class’ conventional wisdom is going to kill us all.

@CharlesPPierce “Chuck ends with an idiotic horse race question.”

@MBersin “The invisibility hand of Chuck Todd strikes again. What a useless tool. #DemDebate”

@Wolfiesmom “I just yelled, ‘Oh my God shut up Chuck Todd’ out loud in my hotel room by myself if you’re wondering how I’m feeling about the #DemDebate”