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Meanness, just to be mean.

This evening:

Missouri GOP @MissouriGOP
Since PPMO has endorsed both @nicolergalloway and @TrishForMO, do the candidates agree that “gender and anatomy are not the same”? Voters want to know.
6:35 PM · Oct 26, 2019

Don’t you all have a record budget deficit you can criticize instead? Oh, wait…

Some of the responses:

What are you talking about?

Really? You think voters are concerned about this? As a voter in Missouri, I can tell you I’m *much* more concerned about gun violence, education and healthcare for everyone than I am about body parts.

Since @missourigop removed almost 100,000 lower income children from Medicare, do the candidates agree that caring about the children of Missouri and being #prolife are definitely not the same thing?

Nothing says pro-life like ridiculing people who are different and are just trying to live their lives. “So now I am giving you a new commandment: Love each other. Just as I have loved you, you should love each other.”

Unless this is more deflection from various, uh, storms brewing for various Republicans? Sigh. I remember when being a Republican meant having some class.

I’m sorry, but what gives any legislation to know…much less create laws about their constituents bodies, body parts, or identity. Mind your own business. if you’re too dumb to understand that gender, anatomy, and identity are up to each individual then you need to be voted out


It’s honestly sad that someone on your staff made the judgment call to trash people’s bodies and further stigmatize intersex Missourians. You don’t have to be like this. Do better.