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Or, as the campaign operatives say, they’re “making billionaires millionaires.”

Today at the Missouri Ethics Commission for a PAC, from a PAC, funded by a billionaire:

C190971 09/16/2019 Brattin Brigade PAC CL PAC 440 Medina Drive Saint Louis MO 63122 9/16/2019 $100,000.00

[emphasis added]

CL PAC’s Treasurer: Mark Milton

And, of course, CL PAC has been recharged:

C171291 09/16/2019 CL PAC David Steward PO Box 1724 Maryland Heights MO 63043 World Wide Technology, Inc. Executive 9/16/2019 $50,000.00

[emphasis added]

And they’re spending money elsewhere:

C171190 09/16/2019 Conservative Citizens Coalition CL PAK 440 MEDINA DRIVE ST LOUIS MO 63105 9/16/2019 $10,000.00

Nice typo. Was that on purpose? Just asking.

Ooh, look, “Brattin Brigade” is a brand spanking new PAC:

C190971: Brattin Brigade Pac
Committee Type: Political Action
12026 Manchester Rd
St Louis Mo 63131
Established Date: 09/10/2019
Mark Milton

12026 Manchester Rd
St Louis Mo 63131

[emphasis added]

With a name like that it’s just got to be right wingnut PAC.

So, do they save on postage by passing the contribution check from the treasurer’s left hand to the right hand? Just asking.


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