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From one of the Democratic Party presidential candidates who didn’t make the debate “cut”:

Marianne Williamson @marwilliamson
The DNC is a private organization that claims it “does not owe voters an impartial or evenhanded primary.”
2:12 PM · Sep 1, 2019

Uh, you knew the rules going in. If you didn’t, both you and your campaign are incompetent and you deserve to lose.

Some of the comments:

For awhile I found you to be comic relief in what should be a serious process for the most important election of my lifetime. Now I’m finding you to be whiny and dangerous. You’ve received more attention for this race than your experience should ever have granted you.

You were treated more than fairly throughout the entire process. Your kooky self shouldn’t have been graced with the presence of being with US Senators on a presidential debate stage. Be grateful, and don’t be Jill Stein.

You never should have been allowed on the debate stage in the first place. You’re not a serious candidate. The party has been MORE than generous to you.

The DNC IS a private organization. They have no control who runs in the primary, but they don’t have to give you a stage or money. Glad you’re not on that stage. We have WAY too many qualified candidates

If you had been a viable candidate, you would still be in the running. But you’re not.

Your greatest political accomplishment is that you got 13% in a congressional primary once. That you are even given a chance to qualify for the presidential debates is evidence that the DNC isn’t ‘rigging’ it.

You were in two debates. The people heard what you had to say and told you to take a hike.

You didn’t resonate with enough of the American public to get in the third debate. That’s it.

Democratic voters heard you, and we rejected you.

There has got to a reduction in the field. Period.
If you were one we were seriously considering, it would have shown in the polls. If you’re not smart enough to figure that out, you wouldn’t make a good president anyway. Step aside gracefully. Or just step aside. Period.

The rules were clear from the beginning. You didn’t make the cut. Being upset about it is understandable but trying to lay blame anywhere but at your own feet is sad. Find a local seat you can run for & work your way back. Own the reasons you didn’t make it & fix those.

Visualize not whining


Comments like this are the reason you don’t need to be considered a serious candidate. Thanks for making this so clear.

Marianne Williamson [2019 file photo].