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Josh Hawley (r) [2016 file photo].

This afternoon’s pearl clutching from Josh Hawley(r):

Josh Hawley @HawleyMO
Nike should apologize to Americans for denigrating the flag. They should apologize to Missourians who lost loved ones defending the flag. And they should restart production of the Betsy Ross shoe at their facility in St Charles, MO
12:42 PM – 2 Jul 2019

What a self righteous schmuck.

Some of the responses:

Start with your potus first.


Literally zero Missourians died to defend the Betsy Ross 13-star flag. True historical fact.

Wish you would care more about the kids that are being treated cruelly at the border than what flag Nike decides to put on its products.

One question, how many Missourians died defending the Betsy Ross flag?

You should tell us who the dark money donors were who bought you that Senate seat


Zero Missourians died defending a flag with thirteen stars, as it was the 24th state.

Which Missourians died defending that flag?

Which one of those 13 stars represents Missouri?

Lotta Missourians died defending that flag did they?

Should your focus really be on shoes? Your concerned about shoe design, but cool with kids in cages? Asking for a friend… and myself…and a bunch of other people. Ashamed to have you representing the state I love.

I remember in April when GOP m members of Congress reached out to big pharma companies and told them not to cooperate with a Democratic investigation on price gouging.

Odd, the things they publicly ‘clutch their pearls’ about.

Are you going to go after the huge displays of American Flag adorned clothing at Target, Kohls, Walmart etc that violate US Flag Code too? Or just the Nikes?

Fun fact: Missourians never defended a 13 star flag.

Which Missourians died defending the 13-star flag?

“I pledge allegiance to these sneakers…”

it’s a shoe, bro

Poor Miserians. Died for a flag that wasn’t even theirs.

You think Donald Trump (r) offered to let Josh play with one of the tanks on Thursday?


Sen. Josh Hawley (r): offered without further comment (July 1, 2019)