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“…Man, that’s just mean. That’s mean, man.”Payback (1999)

Representative Holly Rehder (r) [2018 file photo].

This evening from Representative Holly Rehder (r) via Twitter:

Holly Rehder @hrehder
I was proud to stand with my fellow members of the Missouri House and President Trump today in saying NO to a budget that would give illegal immigrants in-state tuition. Missouri citizens must come first!
6:56 PM – 9 May 2019

Some of the responses:

Let’s get real. The university system needs the revenue thanks to rampant fiscal mismanagement in Jefferson City.

It’s not us against them.

It is in Donald Trump’s (r) world.

This is gross.

What do I, as a Missouri citizen, get out of you making life more difficult for others? How does this “put me first”? Will my tuition go down? Tell me how hurting others helps me.

This is inherently racist. People are not illegal and this does nothing to help anyone get an education. Of course an educated electorate is not what Republicans have ever been interested in.

Claiming “Missouri citizens must come first!” as you tear apart initiatives voted in by….(wait for it) Missouri citizens. I think I’ll respect the voters and vote blue.

I see you “believe in god and that people are inherently good” look up hypocrisy because you are it in spades.

I guess you skipped church day they covered “The soul who sins dies. The son won’t bear the punishment of his father’s sin and the father won’t bear the punishment of his son’s sin”

Missourah portion of the state is so embarrassing.

DACA recipients are “considered by DHS to be LAWFULLY present during the period deferred action is in effect.”

How do you, as an elected official, not know this?


“Make America Great Again”

All in.

* What would Donald do?