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-Tom Lehrer

And it’s all been downhill since.

Yesterday, in the Kansas City Star:

Lobbyist’s crusade to change Title IX in Missouri stems from his son’s expulsion

That would be about HB 573 and SB 259.

Late yesterday, on Twitter:

Jane Dueker @JaneDueker
Outing a college kid is disgusting. If he has to defend himself they will out the girl. Funny how “victim” advocates are pushing for and glorifying that. Proving even more why the legislation is necessary. It was a hit piece for so many reasons.
11:16 PM – 23 Apr 2019

Uh, who is “they”?

At the Missouri Ethics Commission:

Kingdom Principles, Inc. – Active
612 E. Capitol Avenue
Jefferson City, MO 65101
Lobbyist From To
Alsager, Matthew Dennis 02/27/2018 Present
Altmann, Jeffrey 03/13/2019 Present
Bernskoetter, Brian 03/12/2019 Present
Berry, Dave 03/08/2019 Present
Brown, Travis Howard 03/08/2019 Present
Brunnert, Zachary ‘Zach’ 03/07/2019 Present
Clarkston, Heath 03/05/2019 Present
Dempsey, Tom 03/08/2019 Present
Dozier, Cheryl Lynne 03/07/2019 Present
Dueker, Jane E 03/13/2019 Present
Flotron, Francis ‘Franc’ E. 03/07/2019 Present
Harness, Kathryn 03/07/2019 Present
Harris, James 03/07/2019 Present
Hawk, Shanon M 03/13/2019 Present
Hemphill, Deanna Lynn 03/08/2019 Present
Hirschman, Janet 03/07/2019 Present
Hubbard, Rodney R 03/14/2019 Present
King, Tracy 03/08/2019 Present
Lakin, Joe 03/10/2019 Present
Licklider, Samuel G. 03/13/2019 Present
McCracken, David 03/07/2019 Present
McIntosh, Richard 02/27/2019 Present
Nelson, Doug 03/05/2019 Present
Robbins, Thomas 03/12/2019 Present
Schaefer, Kurt 03/05/2019 Present
Schlosser, Lynne 03/08/2019 Present
Stouffer, Bill 03/07/2019 Present
Swain, W ‘Wes’ Scott 03/12/2019 Present
Zamkus, Jason Matthew 03/07/2019 Present

[emphasis added]

Who’s paying for what? Their web site:

Kingdom Principles.

Dean Dohrman (r), the sponsor of HB 573:

Representative Dean Dohrman (r) [2016 file photo].


HB 573: Why? Who? (March 9, 2019)

SB 259: Really? For what purpose? (March 11, 2019)

HB 573 and SB 259: Let the army of lobbyists go forth… (March 12, 2019)