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This morning from the NRCC:

.@lucymcbath says she lives in #GA06, so why did she sign for a package at 10:30AM on a workday at her home in Tennessee?
9:02 AM – 10 Apr 2019

Ladies and gentlemen, your republican party in the 21st Century.

Some of the responses:

It says “M. McBath,” you freaking morons.

Maybe it’s L. LcBath.

It says M. McBath you illiterate fascists.

Obvious to anyone except the single-digit IQ mouth breathers who take anything the NRCC says at face value.

This is so embarrassing for the NRCC lmao

Nothing ever embarrasses Fascists.

Omg that’s Lucy LcBath’s sig right there. Swish, baby!

She just said her elderly mother-in-law signed for it and you sent it to her mother-in-law’s address. That’s just low of you

As if the NRCC cares?

Man taking down those Delocrats is gonna be so hard for you.

This is just pathetic.

Reading is fundamental. It was signed by M. McBath.

Your attempt at a gotcha backfired. Someone should lose their jobs over this hatchet job, but it’s the GOP doing GOP thinks. #IOKIYAR

It’s a little bit fun to see how much these freshman House Members bother you, but mostly just disgusting.

Hello idiots. That signature says “M McBath”, ie Lucy’s mom. You jackasses mailed a package to Lucy’s mom’s house and are lying about it.


Why don’t you leave her mother-in-law alone?

Displaying your fundamental dishonesty once again, I see.

That signature is M. McBath.

What ARE you talking about?

What the hell is wrong with you people?

For starters they voted for Donald Trump (r)? Just spitballing here.


Well, yeah.

Why are you dumb-asses so fucking aggressively stupid?

God must love them because he made so many of them.

Y’all are idiots