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Representative Crystal Quade (D) – House Minority Leader [2019 file photo].

This afternoon from House Minority Leader Crystal Quade (D):

Crystal Quade @crystal_quade
As of today revenue is down $251 mil
HB 548 adds a $180 mil loss by 2023 by giving more tax cuts to the wealthiest
We still have tax cuts from SB 509 on the way- $450 mil in losses per year, or $630 mil fully phased in
Zero debate allowed on the underlying bill. Passed 78 to 72
4:30 PM – 9 Apr 2019

The Missouri GOP:

Missouri GOP @MissouriGOP
Taxpayers keeping more of their own money!
5:33 PM – 9 Apr 2019

Too many emojis there.

Heh. Big mistake. Big. Huge.


Crystal Quade @crystal_quade
Replying to @MissouriGOP
Don’t clap too hard, Missouri bridges might collapse.
7:36 PM – 9 Apr 2019

Mic drop.