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King James? English Standard? American Standard? Contemporary English? Concordant Literal? Geneva Bible? Jerusalem Bible? Etc.?

In Greek, Hebrew, Aramaic?

The Missouri House third read and passed HB 267, a bill sponsored by Representative Ben Baker (r), which would allow the Bible to be taught as a class in Missouri public schools. Notwithstanding that the Bible can already be used as part of a course.

The bill summary [pdf]:

COMMITTEE OF ORIGIN: Special Committee on Student Accountability

This bill allows a school district to offer an elective social studies unit on the Hebrew Scriptures, the Old Testament of the Bible, or the New Testament of the Bible. The course will include the contents, history, literary style and structure, and influences on society. No requirement shall be made by the district on the text translation students must use. This bill requires that any course offered shall follow applicable laws maintaining religious neutrality, and shall not endorse, favor, promote, or show hostility to any particular religion, nonreligious faith or religious perspective.

Amendments to include other religious holy books were defeated.

A point:

Matt Sain @mattdsain
Rep. Carpenter brought up a good point about how we can already do this. By having a bill that specifically gives protections and permission for one holy book is offensive to all other religions in our state.
4:31 PM – 25 Mar 2019

“…It seems trite but necessary to say that the First Amendment to our Constitution was designed to avoid these ends by avoiding these beginnings…” WEST VIRGINIA STATE BOARD OF EDUCATION ET AL. v. BARNETTE ET AL., 319 U.S. 624