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Josh Hawley (r) [2016 file photo].

Via Twitter:

Emojis? Seriously?

Josh Hawley @HawleyMO
.@KCStar you owe voters of this state & the readers you have left an apology. You claimed for months that I misused office resources for my Senate campaign. SOS report proves totally false. Now you’re frantically trying to save face by quoting Democrat donors as “experts”
10:50 AM – 6 Mar 2019

There is much hilarity in some of the responses:

What about your apology? Hold on the same SOS THAT??? Oh I get it

Huh… a guy being investigated attacking the press. Where have we seen this before?

So you saying it’s okay to use our state vehicles on your campaigns and have out of state campaign consultants tell our AG what to do? Always funny when one Republican investigates another and gives them them approval for breaking the law. Kind of like what you did for Greitens.

Joshy’s angry

You remind me so much of Donnie and that’s not a compliment.

What a statesman you are [….]

Tick, tock josh

I think Mr. Ladder Climber owes this state an apology for being such a partisan hack.

And for being a #carpetbagger. #MO is just a land of political opportunity for Hawley.

Start answering your damn phone.


The easiest way to stay out of the newspapers is to stop doing shady stuff. Kinda like grifting 101.

Josh Hawley gets bailed out by a buddy and he thinks that proves innocence. How’s that subpoena working out for you?

So here’s a Millenial in the privileged position of holding a Senate seat, which he received thanks to a massive corporate campaign to oust Claire McKaskill. What does this Senator do? Vote goose step with reactionaries.

I live in a state where my senator tweets at the local newspaper with emojis. Thanks @HawleyMO, I’m surprised you had time away from your next campaign to address this personally.

Baby Trump

…doo, doo, doo, doo…doo, doo.

Why doesn’t your office ever answer the phone?

May you be blessed by The Living God Mr.Josh

Donald Trump? Just asking.

Look at you pulling a full DT

Life sure isn’t fair, now isn’t it? For one so innocent, you are one who seems to protests a lot. This victim mentality just isn’t professional, now is it?

You said the AG was the job you wanted and that you were gonna stay in it. Here we are, though. Lying Josh.

Maybe instead of demanding apologies from the press you should apologize to the people of Missouri for the myriad of ways you’re screwing them over.

You owe voters an apology for being you. You are a climber and a user.

That issue where one of your campaign donors had a seat at the table during a Missouri SOS investigation into whether you used state resources during yor successful bid for U.S. Senate

How is your boy grietiens doing?

Why are you using trumps playbook?

He’s playing to the same base. Hope the ladder doesn’t slip.

I love that they served him the subpoena as he was leaving the stage at CPAC.

How about an inquiry where one of your buddies isn’t on the panel? Nice try though.

1. You had your own guy present throughout to influence the inquiry. 2. Witnesses were allowed to submit written answers. 3. Allegations not shown “totally false”. 4. Any senator who supports DT’s emergency declaration is not a constitutional conservative.

I understand you went to Harvard so I would assume that you understand this business is located in Missouri correct? You are attacking a business in the state you are supposed to be representing you moron.

You’re a cheat and an NRA ass kisser regardless. You could care less what your constituents want, only what Trump wants, and he’s another cheat.