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A concurrent resolution, introduced yesterday by Senator Paul Wieland (r):


Whereas, in January 1973, the Supreme Court of the United States ruled in Roe v. Wade that abortion is protected by the Constitution of the United States, and in doing so effectively removed legal protection from human beings prior to birth; and

Whereas, the ramifications of the court’s decision created a moral morass and was a step in the wrong direction for our nation; and

Whereas, each and every innocent human life is unique and precious and that human life begins at the moment of conception and continues, uninterrupted, until the moment of natural death; and

Whereas, each innocent human life must always be protected and preserved, and in all possible ways our country should promote a culture of life; and

Whereas, each state should enact laws that protect unborn human life; and

Whereas, the Missouri General Assembly on behalf of Missourians has spoken out in defense of the sanctity of life, and has done so in connection with contemporary threats to the life of the unborn; and

Whereas, other states in the union have not shared this mission to preserve life and have demonstrated contempt towards the most vulnerable in our society; and

Whereas, New York Governor Andrew Cuomo signed legislation permitting abortion on demand; and

Whereas, the State of New York removed abortion from their criminal code; and

Whereas, the State of New York put women’s health at risk by allowing non-physicians to perform or induce abortions; and

Whereas, the State of New York has failed to live up to ethical standards that Missourians demand of us and the State of New York, by their actions, have added to the moral chaos that is plaguing this country:

Now Therefore Be It Resolved that the members of the Missouri Senate, One-hundredth General Assembly, First Regular Session, the House of Representatives concurring therein, declare that Missouri tax dollars should not be spent in any state, like New York, that demonstrates such disregard and contempt for the unborn; and

Be It Further Resolved that the members of the Missouri General Assembly ask the Governor to order all departments to cease from taking part in any non-emergency activity or event in the State of New York; and

Be It Further Resolved that the Missouri General Assembly demands higher moral standards of its fellow states and will continue to boycott events hosted by these states until they repeal legislation that fails to preserve and protect the life of the unborn; and

Be It Further Resolved that the Secretary of the Missouri Senate be instructed to prepare properly inscribed copies of this resolution for the Governor and the State Treasurer.

Where to begin?

And yet, Donald Trump is currently President of the United States. Go figure.

Citizens of the State of New York have access to affordable health insurance. You know, their state participated in Medicaid expansion. That’s what I’d define as a “culture of life”.

Uh, if the U.S. Supreme Court says it’s so, it’s so [see Marbury v Madison (1803)].

We take it that the so-called “culture of life” as mentioned in this resolution does include exemptions for the death penalty and war.

The citizens of the State of New York must be quaking in their collective boots.