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Legislative mischief, because the republican super majority can.

In the (amended) bill summary, in the latest version approved by the House [pdf]:

…Several new exemptions to the open records law commonly known as the Sunshine law are created including personal information and social security numbers, records of constituent files, and communications involving advice, opinions, and recommendations concerning the deliberative decision-making of any public governmental body

[emphasis added]

Say what?

In House Amendment 3, introduced by Representative Nick Schroer (r) and passed by the House:

610.021. Except to the extent disclosure is otherwise required by law, a public governmental body is authorized to close meetings, records and votes, to the extent they relate to the following: [….]

(27) Any document or record, including electronic communications, received or prepared by or on behalf of a member of a public governmental body consisting of advice, opinions and recommendations in connection with the deliberative decision-making process of said body. [….]

[emphasis added]

That pretty much covers everything and anything.

(27) Effectively eviscerates the Missouri Sunshine Law, and is an attempt to let the Missouri General Assembly off the hook for the transparency required by CLEAN Missouri – Amendment 1 – which was overwhelmingly approved by voters in November.

Representative Greg Razer (D) on the bill, via social media:

Greg Razer is at Missouri House of Representatives.
Yesterday at 5:52 PM · Jefferson City, MO ·

House Republicans just voted to gut the Sunshine Laws as it relates to the General Assembly. The underlined sections in the amendment below is a change to the law. Section (25) is perfectly fine. Section (26) is not great, but one could argue for it.

However, in particular take a look at (27). Read this closely. ANY document, including emails, that contain a legislator’s opinion would be allowed to be hidden from the Sunshine Law. Folks, virtually every email I send contains my opinion in some form. This section, (27), therefore guts Sunshine as far as the General Assembly is concerned.

(Lastly, you can see the vote below. In this instance, a green vote is AGAINST (27), while a red vote is supportive of (27).)

No transparency. Because they can.