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Just words, eh?

Josh Hawley (r) [2016 file photo].

Yesterday morning, via Twitter:

Josh Hawley @HawleyMO
MLK understood the importance & dignity of work, something our policy “experts” have forgotten. He famously said: “No work is insignificant. All labor that uplifts humanity has dignity and importance…”
9:56 AM – 21 Jan 2019

Uh, what “policy experts”? This Tweet reads like it came from a right wingnut Tweet-o-matic blandifier bot. Gee, let’s combine a Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. quote with some meaningless right wingnut talking point.

The responses on Twitter are less charitable:

Are you seriously trying to use Dr. King’s legacy to attack the very people he was fighting for? There is no dignity in working full time or more and still living in poverty. There is no dignity in losing everything you’ve worked for to pay for medical treatment.

There is no dignity in taking children away from their parents and putting them in cages. There is no dignity in failing to uphold the minimum standards of your job by making sure the government is open to serve the people.

There is no dignity in lying to the American people by fabricating a crisis. There is no dignity in scapegoating those who have the least to provide cover for those who have the most. There is no dignity in forcing people to work for no pay as leverage.

In short Senator, there is no dignity in you, your party or your president and until you summon some, the words of Dr. King will be beyond and above you.

You’re taking that quote entirely out context, in that King was making a case for a liveable wage and benefits for all workers. He was saying workers should be treated with respect and valued by politicians, no matter what their job title be.

If you want to honor MLK in service of this quote, open the government and show government workers that their work has value, deserves respect, and they deserve to be paid for that work. Not held hostage by a corrupt President for a monument to racism. #TrumpShutown

IF you believe that, why won’t you raise the minimum wage?!

I think you’re lying, as usual.

Just like he lied about “protecting” preexisting conditions in health insurance coverage (while joining a lawsuit to strip it away).

So, you will be working to raise the minimum wage and strengthen unions, then?

Hi, @HawleyMO – Q from #MO constituent:
Which policy experts are ‘anti-work’?
I assume you aren’t referring to policy types who endorse communal support for young children, elderly, chronically disabled that are unable to work…correct? Curious about specific reference.

Could you explain this? Who are the experts you are talking about, and how do they diminish a work mentality?

Why does everything you say have to be some grievance-filled swipe at a straw man? Newsflash: you are literally the embodiment of the elite that you constantly whine about.

Speaking of all work having dignity, weren’t you against Prop B to raise Missouri’s minimum wage?

Typical conservative fatuity: Using MLK Day to plug the GOP’s hateful maker-taker philosophy.

What the hell? You are referencing what MLK understood, and you and #GOP and @POTUS are keeping 800,000 federal employees from getting paid because of YOUR #govermentshutdown #TrumpShutdown. You, sir, have no understanding of what #MLK fought for.

Would MLK think your anti-Labor support of “Right to Work”, your fight against pre-existing condition coverage, your stance against health care for all, your support of an admin that has decreased safety from physical harm and fraud – shows YOU understand the dignity of work?

While on the surface this looks pretty good, it should be noted that you likely woke up, had coffee, turned on Fox News, they said something about MLK day, and it hit you that you should come up with something for “The Twitter”.
And then it took you 4 hours!

Can we assume that you will support raising the minimum wage? (Who these policy “experts” that deny the importance of work?)

Yes. You may understand it, but you, the GOP and your donors don’t practice it. Your constituents do. Like that matters to you.

wow….that is all you have to say about the Dr King…..says volumes about you