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Use your words.

Josh Hawley (r) [2016 file photo].

Via Twitter:

Steve Vockrodt @st_vockrodt
ICYMI: Nov. 2 Josh Hawley told a TV reporter that a KC Star story about how political operatives steered the AG’s office was false, while avoiding me as I waited outside his campaign bus. But records from his office make it clear the story was all too true
10:34 AM – 22 Dec 2018

People figured that out a while back:

“…He [Josh Hawley] is, well here’s, let me make sure that you understand. He is, every member of his staff is a taxpayer resource. Every e-mail they read from his political operatives is using taxpayer resources. When political operatives are in official meetings giving direction, talking about punch lists that is a political operation that he is bringing his state staff to deal with. He is having the political operatives run the taxpayer operated operation. So he is bending taxpayer resources to his political will. That is using taxpayer resources for political purposes. It may not be a copy machine where he’s copying flyers, but it is just as significant and, frankly, in some ways more insidious because he has turned official resources into a political operation. That’s what violates, uh, not only good judgment, not only does it disappoint Missourians about what the Attorney General’s office is supposed to be, but I believe it crosses the line in terms of the law…” – Claire McCaskill (D) – November 1, 2018


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