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“I truly hope that God affords you the opportunity to feel the terror that I feel tonight about my son’s health insurance.”

Josh Hawley (r) [2016 file photo].

The U.S. District Court judge in Texas who was sitting on an ACA/Obamacare ruling before the November election ruled on Friday night (the day before ACA enrollment closes) that the ACA is “unconstitutional”.

Right wingnut republican Josh Hawley (the new senator-elect from Missouri) wasted no time in dancing on everybody’s graves via Twitter:

Josh Hawley @HawleyMO
Tonight TX court has declared Obamacare individual mandate unconstitutional. Now it’s time for both parties to work together to lower healthcare costs, improve access to quality care for all, and protect those with preexisting conditions
8:51 PM – 14 Dec 2018

Well, first, it’s a U.S. District judge, it ain’t the Court of Appeals nor the U.S. Supreme Court. It’s maybe a first step.

Second, Josh, you’ve never had a “plan” nor will you ever “work together” on affordable and accessible healthcare for Americans.

We knew that already.

Some of the responses to Josh Hawley’s (r) Twitter happy dance:

Thank this judge for making a much stronger case for Medicare for all.

Going to be difficult to do with you having to respond to subpoenas in Jeff City.

There’s that.

Go fuck your self you piece of shit fraud.

I agree

Honestly, I have absolutely no confidence from you and your so called Republican Party providing a viable health care solution. @royblunt, @gop The Tea Party is a oligarch scam on America.

No one is going to work with some 38 year old creep who is under investigation for pissing away tax payer money. [….]

There’s that.

You’re on big boy. Time to finally reveal your #ACA replacement that still makes healthcare affordable for people with pre-existing conditions.

My dude, we have a law that does that already; it’s called Obamacare.

No, the time to work that out was BEFORE. #murderer

Let me get this right. First, take away healthcare. Next, spend yrs & yrs trying to fix it and come-up empty handed (because the Republican majority already did that) so let’s do it again wasting time, money, & lives. @HawleyMO works for the GOP, not the people. #ThisIsNotProLife

No, now is not the time. The time was 8 years ago after the ACA was passed. It was flawed but better than nothing, but all Republicans have done since then is whine about it and do all they could to gut it instead of improving it. No alternative plan. Shame.

Your party had a decade to come up with something.

With no replacement, your only goal was to redistribute wealth from people who work & pay for their coverage.

We had that, or at least a good start towards it, until you ruined it. Jacka$$.

Get absolutely wrecked, ladder-climber.

And what are we supposed to do in the meantime? It took almost a year from the draft of the ACA to signingbit into law. Months of debate, input from experts, analysis from the CBO, mark-ups in multiple committees. The law didn’t have to be thrown out. It could have been fixed.

Fixing the existing law would have been faster and provided the Americans affected by your completely self-serving political ambition a measure of stability and security.

The GOP doesn’t care.

The ACA as originally written was upheld by SCOTUS in 2012. With Trump’s modifications, it’s now flawed. Your party did this. You’ve said you wanted to replace ACA for 8 years. Where’s the plan? Rs only destroy…don’t create solutions for Americans.

Special place in hell for you sir. Trying to be a hero by swiping healthcare from millions. I bet mommy is proud.

You mean all of the things that ACA does

You must believe Medicare for All will be more effective

Odd for a Republican.

Congratulations on your great con of “protecting those with pre-existing conditions” – well done! Your party’s mission to take essential healthcare away from tens of millions takes a major step forward. Congrats again!

Your a bad person Josh. You’ve brought a lot of stress and uncertainty into the lives of people with health conditions. The ACA has helped a lot of people, and you’ve done everything you can to destroy the good that’s been done. For you, healthcare is a privilege for the few.

Josh doesn’t care–he’ll have more than adequate healthcare in prison. #LastRepublicanSenatorFromMissouri

YOU did this.
Your lawsuit.

Yes indeed, his lawsuit & lawsuits from other states AG in attempt to “remedy” an imaginary problem with ACA that will not fix anything, only make everything worse. And god bless those bastards the all used our state tax dollars to do it.

People of Missouri lost their goddamn minds electing you.

The GOP has worked to eliminate protections for patients, allow insurers to sell junk plans & increase costs for local hospitals. Please expand on your ideas Sen-Elect NO PLAN. You now have Congressional coverage. What’s your JOSH-I-DUNNO MAYBE-GO-FUND-ME NO-COVERAGE-PLAN for us?

Unfortunately, that’s exactly what the Affordable Care Act does, but it doesn’t work unless young healthy people buy in. So, you just made every one of those agenda items harder, less likely and more expensive.

Which is exactly the outcome they were looking for.

Fighting to remove ACA consumer protections without a better plan anywhere in sight, is cruel and irresponsible. One step closer to health care Armageddon for the middle class and poor.
Worse health danger than any disease…. clueless politicians.

I truly hope that God affords you the opportunity to feel the terror that I feel tonight about my son’s health insurance.

Let’s help this arsonist put out the fire he started…

You lied to Missourians and I sincerely hope your day in court comes soon!

You’ve now successfully gutted pre-existing protection for millions of Americans. Congratulations on being evil. You wear it well.

They had all that already with the ACA, but sure…

Hell isn’t hot enough for these people.

So where’s your plan, big mouth?

Exactly what health care economic reform plan are you referring to?
Ohhh the one that does not exist, so anyone buying health insurance is even more screwed than ever before. You are a political prostitute for the health insurers like most of Congress.

Liar. You are a bold faced liar. How does it feel? Does your conscience ever bother you, knowing that you lie so frequently…and that your true stance on health care coverage will kill innocents? How does it feel to be tihs sort of being?

For the last 10 years, GOP did nothing but obstruct when it came to developing a proper healthcare solution. Hawley is lying. They have no interest in helping anybody with a good healthcare plan.

You are so full of it. Fraud.

GOP wanted nothing to do with the #ACA when Obama was trying to protect people with pre-existing conditions and then sabotaged it at every chance they had.

Exactly. GOP howls against ACA for years and is now going to the come to the table for a bipartisan alternative? I’ll believe it when I see it.

Hawley’s tweet would be gold as an Onion headline. As real life, it’s just depressing.

Because the best way to protect those with preexisting conditions is to take away protection for those with preexisting conditions

And on and on.


U.S. Senate: Josh Hawley (r) theenks your reely, reely stoopit (September 24, 2018)