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Prompted by a Twitter post, we took a look at the statewide vote for the Missouri House of Representatives as currently reported via the Missouri Secretary of State.

We fired up the spreadsheet software and entered the vote by party for all 163 legislative districts.

The distribution of votes (statewide) by party for the Missouri House of Representatives – November 2018

The statewide vote totals:

Republican – 1,272,938
Democratic – 999,426
Independent – 757
Libertarian – 15,750
Green – 2,733
Constitution – 406
Write-in – 171

Libertarians, you gave it the good old college try. Greens, really? There are that many people on the left in Missouri when faced with an obvious binary difference who decide, instead, to choose purity? Independents? Given old media memes you probably thought there were a lot more of you than you are. Democrats, keep chasing those “Independent” unicorns. Constitution Party, bless your hearts.

The distribution of seats by party in the Missouri House of Representatives – 2019 Session

So, the Republicans go into the 2018 legislative session with 116 seats in the House, Democrats with 47. We will all see the results of that distribution when bills for the 2019 session are prefiled in December.

Right to get paid less, anyone? Anyone?


Gerrymander (November 16, 2018)