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The intended results, in Ohio:

Alec MacGillis @AlecMacGillis
Stunning new stat out of Ohio:

We already knew that Republicans got 12 of OH’s 16 US House seats despite winning only 52% of total congressional vote.

But get this: Republicans also managed to hold supermajorities in the Ohio legislature despite LOSING the total state leg vote.
12:24 PM – 15 Nov 2018

In Missouri:

Gunnar Johanson @GunnarJohanson
A thread with some #MOleg facts:

Democratic candidates for the state’s House of Representatives received 44% of the popular vote in 2018 but only received 29% of the seats.
9:01 AM – 15 Nov 2018

The thread continued:

This is an increase of 10% of the electorate from 2016, yet only yielded one net seat gain from 2016 to 2018.

Meanwhile, the GOP lost 8% of the state house electorate but only lost one seat. One seat is .6% of the chamber.

Clear evidence that the system is rigged against 44% of the state house electorate in Missouri. Here’s to hoping @CleanMissouri is implemented and ends gerrymandering

That’s the practical impact.