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…and twice as dense.

That’s you, too, if you buy into it.

Yesterday, via Twitter:

Donald J. Trump @realDonaldTrump
Just out — in Arizona, SIGNATURES DON’T MATCH. Electoral corruption – Call for a new Election? We must protect our Democracy!
2:33 PM – 9 Nov 2018

One of the responses:

Signatures not matching does not equal corruption or fraud. Everyone’s signature varies somewhat, and if one signature is on paper and the other is on a device, there can be a lot of variance, especially if the person doesn’t sign on devices often.

Read the sequence. This is all about counting the votes that have been cast in this election. For those of you who have difficulty with reading comprehension and facts (The Faux News Channel, for instance), read this slowly and out loud, that might help you understand it.

1. When voter turnout is higher than expected it takes longer to count the votes because of the volume of ballots which have to be processed.

2. States which have voting by mail have a very high volume. It takes a longer time to count and certify those results due to the very high volume.

3. News media does not count the votes, local election authorities do.

4. Media usually reports on the votes that have been counted, as long as their attention holds. They rarely report on the certified results.

5. Election races are “called” by the media when they believe that the outcome will not be changed by the ballots remaining which have yet to be counted. This is not a certified election result. It’s a bauble for people with short attention spans.

6. Elections are certified by election authorities when all of the votes have been counted.

7. Sometimes, when elections are really close, the media will not “call” the election until it has been certified. Sometimes media makes a mistake and “calls” the election anyway because math is hard for some people.

8. If, at any point, the number of ballots which have not been counted is greater than the reported margin between two candidates, then any media “call” of the race is worthless. That’s how math works.

Thus endeth the lesson.