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Roy Blunt (r) [2016 file photo].

Senator Roy Blunt (r) commented, via Twitter, on the death of Senator John McCain:

Senator Roy Blunt @RoyBlunt
As I served with John McCain he became one of my heroes. We didn’t always agree but he was always motivated to do what he thought was the right thing.
9:16 PM – 25 Aug 2018

Some of the responses:

You could learn a lot from him, Senator.

Too bad that motivation did not rub off on you.

The public is notably sad at his passing because we don’t believe any of the remaining @GOP Senators have his strength of convictions for country over party. Including you, Roy.

You should try doing the right thing Roy. Why haven’t you marked up the bill to protect our upcoming election. Because the WH asked you to sit on it? Do what John would do, your own moral compass is broken.

Carry on his legacy. Do the right thing. Stand up for country over party.

You should be ashamed of yourself. McCain was a good man who did what was right, even if it wasn’t in his own best interest. You, sir, are no John McCain.

You are part of the reason term limits need to exist

The only time you see the right thing is over your shoulder as you run the opposite direction.

Honor him by emulating him.

Maybe you could quit being a spineless, corrupt member of the GOP and learn from him?

Then why aren’t you following in his footsteps?

John McCain was a man of honor and conviction. Americans are proud of his service and representation of “we the people”. His integrity, compassion and understanding of those he lived and loved among will be missed. Follow his lead. Preserve his legacy.

It’s a shame the president treated him with such disrespect.

You call him your hero but his integrity and ability to subjugate his personal agenda for a greater good have not seem to have rubbed off on you one bit.

John McCain will leave a legacy of service, honor, and integrity. @RoyBlunt will be a footnote under the asterisk next to Trump’s name as the only president to go directly from the Oval Office to prison. The footnote will just say “supporting cast of traitors”

hey Roy why don’t you strive to be more like him?

I assume y’all didn’t agree when it comes to protecting America. Johns thumbs down to stop you and your friends was heroic. But your a Trump partner in destroying America.

Yea that’s where you disagreed.

He was the only honorable remaining member of the #GOP. You can’t hold a candle to him.

Maybe you should give doing the right thing a try Roy! It’s ok your donors will understand….

Time to get right, Roy. Speak up against the lies, the racism, the hate mongering. Do it for Missouri.

I wish I could say the same of you. #MeanTweets

@clairecmc wrote a beautiful, loving tweet regarding her peer from the opposing Republican Party. Consider following her example.
God rest the brave soul of John McCain, a true American hero.

What are you motivated to do? Not the right thing, obviously.

So then why can’t you do the right thing, @RoyBlunt ??

Your disagreements were more about him following his patriotic sense of country and you following the biggest donor. You may be from the same party but history will remember you as being from different groups Patriots vs. Traitors

Your constituents are waiting for you to do the same. Please listen to them.

Yeah. We certainly can’t say the same for you.

Talk about faint praise. One man was a leader. One man is not.

You wish you were as patriotic is John McCain. He voted for what was right rather than what was best for his pocket unlike you.

I’m still waiting to see you do the right thing. Good thing I’m not planning on holding my breath.

If he is one of your heroes, you have long way to go to be anything like him. Actions speak louder than words , buster.

When I first read this, it bothered me for some reason, then I realized how disingenuous this comment truly is. Your like Mr. Trump, not genuine.

“what he thought was the right thing”? what kind of back-handed comment is that? are you even capable of commenting something positive about him? or are you not permitted?

We are waiting for you to emulate John McCain and do the right thing for the people of Missouri. Your loyality to Trump will be your downfall. You are #GOPCorrupt and #GOPComplicit.

One more thing Roy, You stood by and let Trump say some nasty things about John McCain and you said NOTHING!! If someone said something about my Hero, you can bet your ass I would be all over them. Save your BS for someone who gives a shit!

You do realize that YOUR president doesn’t agree with you, right?

I can’t imagine too many people agree with you. Your sole purpose is to line your pockets

Funny I did not see you stand up for your hero when tRump has been attacking him!

And on and on…


Senator John McCain (1936-2018) (August 25, 2018)