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“…If they are willing to accept the fact that they got played they can fix it…”

“…by the way, there already is an inclusive stance on abortion. It’s called ‘pro choice.'”

Over a month ago an anti-choice member of the Missouri Democratic Party State Committee introduced an amendment to the party platform utilizing the anti-choice language of a fringe anti-choice group (unbeknownst to everyone else, probably). The amendment passed. The base of the Missouri Democratic Party was not happy. At all. They let everyone know.

At the Missouri Democratic Party State Committee meeting today:

Alison Dreith @alidreith
As @billy_moffett said, “Now that we saved Labor Rights it’s time to protect a Woman’s Right to Choose in the MDP platform.” @MoDemParty #MDPReproRights
12:01 PM – 11 Aug 2018

Today the state committee met, reconsidered the amendment, removed it, and approved the platform with its original pro-choice language from the platform committee:

Sarah Felts @sarahfelts
61/68 folks voted yes! 2 abstentions.
12:59 PM – 11 Aug 2018

There you have it.


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