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“…by the way, there already is an inclusive stance on abortion. It’s called ‘pro choice.'”


Old media caught the dissension caused by the change in the Missouri Democratic Party platform at last weekend’s state committee meeting – wrought by the approval of an amendment which was brought forward by an anti-choice member.

That individual was quoted as stating: “…We are tired of being second class citizens in our party…”

Pamela Merritt, as always, gets it right:

Pamela Merritt @SharkFu
Okay, so I keep thinking about Joan Barry saying abortion opponents are tired of being treated like 2nd class citizens in the MO Dem party. This, a rant.
11:41 AM – 5 Jul 2018

The thread:

Being treated like a 2nd class citizen in the Dem Party is being forced to vote in a church w/ a giant“God is Prolife” sign out front while living in a city where Black babies are 4x more likely to die in their first year.

Being treated like a 2nd class citizen in the MO Dem Party is being the base, being 90+ % reliable election after election but seeing a platform that appeals to voters who will just find another oppressed group to blame their GOP vote on.

Being a 2nd class citizen is having to debate adding language saying women have the right to make decisions about their own bodies & being told that’s too radical for Joan Barry and the voters who don’t vote for Democrats she claims will flood in.

And being a 2nd class citizen in the MO Dem Party is showing that there can’t be economic justice w/ out reproductive justice and watching the party ignore and continue a losing formula.

So, yeah. I’m pretty damned pissed off at Joan Barry for treating Missouri’s pro-choice voters like 2nd class crap and then having th audacity to whine when we protest that. Fin.

Yeah, that’s definitely gonna leave a mark.

Let’s make this clear. It’s not about anyone’s personal belief against abortion, it’s about imposing that belief through the power of the state on others. Got it?


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