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“…The law is pretty clear. There’s never been an Attorney General in the history of our state that hasn’t lived in Jefferson City because the law says shall. He’s, listen, I’m a Mizzou educated lawyer, but I can keep up. [laughter] And I know what the word shall means in the law. Now I know he went to Yale, I think, or Harvard, one of those, one of those fancy ones. Um, I think they taught him the same thing, shall is shall…” – Senator Claire McCaskill (D) on Josh Hawley (r) – August 17, 2017

There’s going to be a lot more like that.

Senator Claire McCaskill (D) in Columbia, Missouri – August 7, 2018

Late last night, from Claire McCaskill (D):

Claire McCaskill @clairecmc
Scraching my head. While reading from a teleprompter @HawleyMO just challenged me to debate …. How about some town hall debates …no teleprompter or scripts written by DC political consultants.
9:40 PM – 7 Aug 2018

And, a self-referential response from Josh Hawley (r):

Josh Hawley @HawleyMO
Weak. Try again. Stop hiding, stop ducking, start doing your job. Debate me. One on one. You’ve got to earn this. #MOSen
9:54 PM – 7 Aug 2018

Some of the Twitterverse responses to that:

She’s asking you to debate at a town hall…if you can actually confront real Missourians without your special interest-provided talking points. What’s your answer?…

Weak? She just challenged you to a series of debates in front of actual constituents! If you can’t handle that you don’t deserve to represent Missourians in the Senate. Earn that, you […]

You have no business telling someone to do their job. #glasshouses

Weak. Not undignified enough. Read some more tweets by the president*, make up a childish nickname for your opponent that reveals what you actually know to be true about yourself, capitalize Randomly. You’ve got to earn this. #MoTrump

You wouldn’t debate a single one of your republican challengers. You haven’t done your job since I started paying attention to you a year ago. And your opponent just said she’s ready to debate you.

@HawleyMO is scared to be in front of his constituents

Why don’t YOU start doing YOUR job? You know, the one you were elected to do *checks notes* less than 2 years ago?

Judging by the 40%+ who refused to vote for you, seems to me like you’ve got a hell of a lot of votes to earn in November.

I think you just won a primary & simultaneously realized you have nothing to say. I heard you on SL public radio the other day and it was rehearsed talking points until they asked you about Russian interference in elections and you had … nothing.

Oh, please, Mr. Empty Chinos.

I would have never voted for @AP4Liberty, but one thing I could say is that he really hustled to connect with Missourians.

I haven’t heard one word from @HawleyMO. Kind of ironic that he’s telling @clairecmc that she has to “earn this.” #MOSen

It’s almost like she was caught in a gym or something, 30 minutes away from the city in which she’s supposed to be working in the middle of the day…… weird.

We see what you did there.

“Stop hiding, stop ducking”??put down the wine glass. Why don’t you “debate” ANY of the 2.5 million Missourians with pre-existing conditions? You think you can convince them you didn’t file a lawsuit to end their health coverage?

dude, she literally just said she wanted to debate you.

please go to bed before you embarrass yourself….Wait – too late. “You’ve got to earn this”? What the hell is that? @clairecmc has earned it, already put it in the bank and making money off the interest.

Hey Josh! Remember when you ran for AG and railed against politicians who used their office only as a stepping stone for higher office? Then remember when you immediately turned around and entered the Senate race like 5 minutes after becoming AG? Good times!


Do it! Debate in a live town hall, no teleprompters, no scripts! You can debate without a teleprompter, right?

Why are you afraid of town halls, Josh? Why won’t you take real questions from real voters?

Haha, you’re trying to be nasty like Trump and you can’t even pull that off. She said she would debate you. Given the fact that you obviously can’t even understand that, you’re going to have a really hard time with that debate.

How about you start doing YOUR job as AG

You didn’t even get 60% of the vote of your own party today. Be a man. Stop the campaign smears. Refuse Koch money. Stand up and debate.

Again— ALL YOU DO IS HIDE, Trumper.

How many debates did you agree to do with your primary opponents?

You’re one to talk, Day drinker. #doyourjob

She. Just. Asked. For. A. Debate. You. Idiot.

Josh Hawley (r) [2016 file photo].


Senator Claire McCaskill (D) – town hall in Warrensburg – Press Q and A – August 17, 2017 (August 17, 2017)

Sen. Claire McCaskill (D) and Josh Hawley (r) (August 8, 2018)