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A brief conversation on Twitter:

Jason Rosenbaum @jrosenbaum
Key thing I’m hearing at this event: Goal next Tuesday is not only to repeal right to work, but run up the percentage to provide a disincentive for the #moleg & @mikeparson to reinstate it next year:
4:59 PM – 1 Aug 2018 from IBEW Local 1

Michael Bersin @MBersin
Replying to @jrosenbaum
The goal for November should be to defeat every legislator who pushed for “right to get paid less” and made working people spend millions in August to defend their rights and quality jobs. Then there’ll be no need for additional disincentive. @WeAreMissouri
5:36 PM – 1 Aug 2018

Make them Pay.

Vote “No” on the anti-Union Proposition A in the Tuesday, August 7th primary.

Vote them out of office in November.