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Yesterday evening Muslim community and interfaith organizations held a KC Rally for Muslims, Immigrants, & Refugees by the J.C. Nichols Fountain at Mill Creek Park near the entrance to the Plaza in Kansas City. About 150 individuals showed up to demonstrate and to hear speakers including a poet, imams and a rabbi. All spoke of peace, love and justice.

There was a proactive Kansas City Police presence.

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About an hour into the rally a group of right wingnut anti-Muslim counter-protestors showed up. Wearing t-shirts emblazoned with “no immigrants, no Muslims, no refugees.”

The individual on the right is so badass they deserve another photo posting in our blog.

The badass on the right.

It was difficult to get decent images of this group, the good guys kept blocking the direct view with their signs.

Editorial comment.

His editor would cut the first line and the fourth line, then call it truth in advertising.

Diversity fail.

Celebrating diversity – June 29, 2018

It’s quite simple, really, if you single out a religious minority you’re a bigot. That’s it.



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