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Yesterday afternoon over 1,000 people gathered at Mill Creek Park in Kansas City for the Cosecha KC Rally to Protect Families to protest the treatment of asylum seeking immigrants and children by the Trump administration.

Kansas City Mayor Sly James spoke at the rally.

Kansas City Mayor Sly James – June 24, 2018

Mayor Sly James: [….] Good afternoon. [applause] Thank you all for being here to show the rest of the country, and everybody wants to listen and know, that this is how the American people feel . We do not support what’s going on in DC. [cheers, applause] The young lady mentioned that she had a couple of relatives in the Marine Corps. I was in the Marine Corps. None of us put on our uniform in order to see people stopped at our borders and caged and separated from their families. [cheers, applause] That wasn’t what we were ready to fight for. We were fighting for liberty, justice for all. For all. There were no limitations put on the all. It didn’t say all the people who are here. It didn’t say all the people who wanted to be here. It said all. And that has been lost in DC.

This is nothing but politics. We have to stand and fight this because if we don’t at the end of the day it’s not about them, it’s about us. We define what our country is about. [cheers, applause] We are the ones who say what’s right and wrong. We’re the ones who unite families. We’re the ones that care. We’re the ones that live here. These are our neighbors. These are our friends. This is our city. It’s not theirs.

This is not a game. These are children that are being separated from their families. It is traumatizing. It is inhuman. It is immoral. It is wrong. We must stop it. Now. [cheers, applause] [….]



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Cosecha KC Rally to Protect Families – Kansas City, Missouri – June 24, 2018 (June 25, 2018)