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And while you’re at it, call Senator Roy Blunt (r), too.

The phone numbers:

Senator Roy Blunt (r) – Phone: 202-224-5721 [Washington]

Senator Claire McCaskill (D) – Phone: 202-224-6154 [Washington]

Senator Claire McCaskill (D) [2017 file photo].

This morning, from Senator Claire McCaskill (D), via Twitter:

Claire McCaskill @clairecmc
To assert that you must rip children from their family to secure the border is just not true.
8:49 AM – 17 Jun 2018

Uh, we already knew that. Tell Donald Trump (r) and Jeff Sessions (r).

Some of the responses:

Sign up to end this Senator!

She just announced that she is signing!

Talk is cheap. I respect you as our Senator, but we need action, and we need it now!

Then cosponsor the #KeepFamiliesTogetherAct . Otherwise your tweet is empty rhetoric like @JeffFlake handwringing about the GOP.

Claire, its more than not true. It is evil incarnate, and its ok for you to use the big girl adjectives for this. Call it what it is.


Children in cages #trumprepublicans

He’s using the children as ransom to get money for his wall. It’s inhumane and cruel. He must be stopped.

We must have some brave Republicans to sign on. But their cult won’t support that.

Did you hear that, Roy?


Claire McCaskill @clairecmc
Yes. I will be on the bill and will be doing more follow up work with CPB and HHS as ranking member on Homeland Security Committee.
8:55 AM – 17 Jun 2018

Call anyway.


At this point even a Truth and Reconciliation Commission can’t save the American experiment (June 17, 2018)