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Eric Greitens (r) [2016 file photo].

Eric Greitens (r), on Facebook:

Eric Greitens
Today, the prosecutor dropped the false charges against me.
This was a great victory and a long time coming. I’ve said from the beginning that I am innocent.
This experience has also been humbling, and I’ve emerged from it a changed man.
I believe that in all of our lives, we have to deal with pain, and that if we deal with it in the right way, we can learn wisdom.
We all have to deal with suffering, but if we deal with it in the right way, we can emerge with strength.
I also believe, as many people of faith do, that even in the hardest situations, we can find blessings.
Above all, I am sorry for the pain that this process and my actions have caused my family, my friends, and the people of Missouri.
I am extraordinarily grateful for the tremendous patience and courage of friends, family, and people of faith, who have all recognized that in time comes the truth.
We have a great mission before us. And at this time, I’d ask people of goodwill to come together so that we may continue to do good together.

Some of the responses:

Governor Greitens you lied from the beginning of your campaign, so much dark money, hypocrisy and abuse. You cannot govern Missouri.

I thank God the judge dismissed the case. I can’t imagine the stress and heartache your family has been through. We are all sinners, and thankfully we have a forgiving heavenly father. Bless you and your family.

Uh, the prosecutor dismissed the case, will seek a special prosecutor, and has stated that the case will be refiled.

I’m glad this is over with for you and your family. Keep up the good work for the state of Missouri.

Uh, it’s not over.


The mistresses ex should be prosecuted..he did all of this!!

Think about that for just a second.

This changes nothing about the behavior exhibited by the governor and his lack of ethics, lack of transparency, dark money, etc, etc, etc. His hubris will be his undoing.

What about your other cases? This one is being refiled. Tell the whole story, Snowflake!!!!!

You left the part out about how they plan to re-file with a special prosecutor.

Now thank Hawley for throwing you under the bus

“So far, so good…”

He’s such a victim, so much pain.

You spelled “gave it to the special prosecutor” wrong

Talking about your faith and your blessings. You really are unbelievable.

The real tragedy is that there are people like you not only in our world, but in our government.

Dude it is not over. Liar!

Wow this very nightmare has ended? Glad


Really? So you’re completely innocent?

Trump my president, Greitens my governor. Proud deplorable.

You gutted our education budget. You’re still a terrible person and a poor excuse for a governor.

Did you take a picture of it

Now that we got that taken care of , let’s get this nonsense crap charges and B.S and rumors to bed that the so called free press is yackin about and throw the whole lot in jail along with some Democrats pretending to be Republicans and the Communist pretending to be Socialist. And we might need to remind people that the leader of the Democratic party is hardcore Nazi that help kill thousands by turning in Jews. Makes me sick !!!

That’s a lot to unwrap.

You phony SOB. Let’s see how the ‘donor list’ goes. Hypocrisy and Republican family values march goes on.

You’re guilty as hell. Phony baloney

Impeach this man!

It’s not over yet.


Felony invasion of privacy case against Eric Greitens (r) dropped (May 14, 2018)