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Jefferson City. We’d heard the rumors over a day ago. Then we saw this:

Jane Dueker @JaneDueker
Missouri Capitol security concerns raised by @SenatorNasheed to the Department of Public Safety re: @EricGreitens. Add these to suspicious package and arrest of accused pedophile staffer. No everything is not ok in JC.
3:48 PM – 19 Apr 2018

Senator Jamilah Nasheed (D) sent a letter to the Director of the Missouri Department of Public Safety yesterday asking for increased security at the capitol complex. There’s this paragraph in the letter:

“…There are additional unconfirmed rumors circulating the Capitol involving an incident at the Greitens’ Innsbrook home involving troubling behavior, the presence of firearms and a member of the Governor’s cabinet. While these reports are unconfirmed…”

It’s long past time to clean up this mess. The Missouri House of Representatives has the authority and the obligation to do so.


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