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The Trump administration. Fear.

Gabby – February 11, 2018.

Sunday afternoon the KC Metro Immigration Alliance sponsored an event in Kansas City at All Souls Unitarian Univeralist Church, focusing on the plight of Syed Jamal and individuals who, like him, are in immigration crisis exacerbated by the policies of the Trump administration. Activists in the community came to speak to the family of Syed Jamal and over one hundred others who attended.

Gabby, a DACA recipient:

Gabby: Hello, everbody.

Our families are currently under attack. I want to tell you more about my family. My family is made of mixed status. My five children are all U.S.A. citizens. On the other hand, my husband is undocumented. He came across the desert…when he was only a teenager. For myself, it’s a different story. I was brought to the states as a young child.

I hardly have any memories of what it was when we lived in Mexico. I am currently under the DAC [Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals] status, counting down the days I have left. Only two hundred eighty days left under my status. Every day I wake up thinking about this number. As the days go by this number becomes smaller.

Every day I ask myself if I can continue to live this way. With the fear of losing my family, my home, my jobs. Also, with the uncertainty of my husband, husband getting pulled over by the police and not being able to provide a valid state license will be enough for him to be arrested and sent to an immigration jail.

At this time there’s no more options. He has to work and continue to provide for our family.

A few nights ago at the dinner table I had to approach the conversation with my children about Immigration and what to do if they show up at the front door. My children are afraid. I am, I am, too.

In the [inaudible] of this sinister administration we are being threatened with the possibility of being separated and ripped apart. We need a resolution to this crisis. We need it now. We need to pass a clean Dream ACT. We demand family reunification.

We’ve come this far today to be united and seek integrity and demand accountability for all of our elected officials.

We refuse to go back to the shadows.

We ask for you that are here to become our allies in the fight for justice.

Thank you. [applause]

“Support DACA”


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