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These are all stories about fear.

Syed Jamal, a thirty year resident of the Kansas City area and the father of three children who are American citizens, is currently in Immigration detention eighty-eight miles outside of El Paso, Texas. He was arrested by ICE in front of his children while on the way to drive his daughter to school. By every account Syed Jamal is a hard working, contributing member of society.

This afternoon the KC Metro Immigration Alliance sponsored an event in Kansas City at All Souls Unitarian Univeralist Church. Representative Emanuel Cleaver (D) came to speak to the family of Syed Jamal and over one hundred others, driving to the church directly from the airport, after having visited him in detention in Texas.

Representative Emanuel Cleaver (D) – February 11, 2018

The children of Syed Jamal with Representative Emanuel Cleaver (D).

The family of Syed Jamal.

“Free Syed”

The family of Syed Jamal.

From 3:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m. immigration activists, faith leaders, friends of Syed Jamal, other families affected by the same policy implementation and uncertainty, a DACA recipient, and Representative Emanuel Cleaver (D) spoke of the inhumanity of our current immigration system. This exacerbated by Donald Trump’s (r) immigration policy priorities and his assault on DACA and Dreamers.

The insanity, absurdity and inhumanity of the current administration on immigration cannot stand.