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Got to promote those wholesome family values.

A New Missouri, Inc. PAC has been a busy little bee today.

From May 23, 2017:

Senators to Gov. Greitens: Do You Really Want to Abolish the Missouri Ethics Commission?

…The existence of Governor Greitens’ secret 501(C)(4) PAC, A New Missouri, ensures that he will continue to play the game like a ‘career politician’…

There are television commercials running in the Kansas City media market paid for by A New Missouri, Inc. which are fluffing Eric Greitens'(r) right wingnut trickle down tax plan. From their web site (URL provided by the commercial):

You were expecting anything else?

The disclaimer:

Nor are those contribution(s) particularly traceable or transparent.

That, and their timing sucks, don’t it?


Campaign Finance: they left “…for lower pay” off their committee name (February 1, 2018)