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“…I’m a Mizzou educated lawyer, but I can keep up. [laughter]…Now I know he went to Yale, I think, or Harvard, one of those, one of those fancy ones…”

Senator Claire McCaskill (D) [2017 file photo].

This evening, on Josh Hawley’s (r) world view, via Twitter from Senator Claire McCaskill (D):

Claire McCaskill‏ @clairecmc
I didn’t go to one of those fancy private schools, but the history I learned in public schools & Mizzou taught me that the evidence of trafficking of women for sex goes back to before 2000 BC. It didn’t begin with women’s rights and the birth control pill. @HawleyMo
5:53 PM – 31 Jan 2018

You hand Claire McCaskill a club and she’ll beat you with it. He’s getting schooled.

Some of the responses:

Where do the men in MO get their crazy ideas about women? They never get it right.

Church. #EmptyThePews

He got the Hawley shuffle goin’ right now…
Let’s watch the young jr. Birdman try to backpeddle on the Todd Aikin trail of masogyny.

Go get’em Claire!


Amen to that.

At least @CourtlandSykes is in good company. Misogyny loves company…

He and soap opera character Courtland Sykes are entering into Todd Akins territory.

I am telling you people have lost their minds. It is like the rebirth of the Victorian era. Do you think Chasity belts are coming back?

There’s a reason why they call it the world’s oldest profession.

@clairecmc has been working. It’s @HawleyMO that seems to have lost interest in the job he was hired for.

Akin and then this assclown. Congrats on having no opponents.