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As if anyone can trust Mitch McConnell (r)? Really?

Autocracy: Rules for Survival
Masha Gessen
Rule #5: Don’t make compromises. [….] Democrats in Congress will begin to make the case for cooperation, for the sake of getting anything done—or at least, they will say, minimizing the damage. [….] This will be fruitless—damage cannot be minimized, much less reversed, when mobilization is the goal—but worse, it will be soul-destroying. In an autocracy, politics as the art of the possible is in fact utterly amoral. [….]

Senator Claire McCaskill (D) [2017 file photo].

Today, from Senator Claire McCaskill (D), via Twitter:

Claire McCaskill‏ @clairecmc
Shut down is over and we will now have the opportunity to have immigration issues come to the floor. And I am so encouraged that a large bipartisan group of Senators worked TOGETHER to help make it happen. Proud to be a part of that.
11:30 AM – 22 Jan 2018

Some of the responses:

See you at the next shutdown in 3 weeks. Hope you choose to be on the right side of history *then.*

Way to cave, Claire. Do you not pay attention to your base?


Don’t back down.

I like and respect you, and hope you win. But the surest path to your own defeat is showing the mobilized and motivated mass of voters that you won’t fight for them. I fear that’s what you’ve done.

So disappointing that you all caved and actually trust McConnell. Shows a total lack of leadership and strength.

WHEN do the “immigration issues” come to the floor? #NoDACANoDeal

Good job caving, and getting the same smoke and mirrors Senator Collins got, in 18 days when we are back here will you just cave again on what the majority of democrats around the country want?

Claire, as one of your avid supporters, please believe me that this does not look good. If you lose the dreamers it will come back to haunt you. Bad, bad move.

Save your pride, please. You can be proud when DACA is safe.

You’ve earned a lot of credit with me over the years, Claire, so I’m going to cross my fingers and pray to God that you’re right about this. I know your intentions are good, I just hope you haven’t severely misread the situation. #TrumpShutdown

Now you have nothing ! You got the can kicked again on more broken promises

If you believe that mcconnell will keep his word and the spell that miller and kelly have over trump will somehow magically break, you are no smarter than the trump voters we criticize.

Literally pride before the fall. What a disappointment.

Lucy took the football again from Charlie Brown. The GOP will never fulfill it’s promise. The WH will keep retreading any deal that’s struck. February is too late—Many DACA recipients will lose their status in the meantime.

I guarantee you the Republicans won’t do anything on DACA next month.

If you have a feeling that Democrats got nothing from this deal, your feelings would be correct. Schumer even used the term “good faith.” Oh Lord. Has he MET Mitch McConnell? #WeakKnees

Here’s to another 17 years of healthy, bipartisan debate while my brothers and sisters are deported every single day. Proud to be a part fo that, amirite

Respectfully senator you voted against the dreamers on Friday and now you want to claim immigration is a priority for you? I’m a big fan of yours, but do better. You owe it to the dreamers regardless of the midterms. #disappointed #dobetter

I hear McConnell is talking “illegal immigration” now. We made promises to OUR dreamers and we must keep that promise.

Don’t give me any more talk about bipartisan agreement. You all have, once again, jerked honest American citizens around, this time for three days. All of you should be ashamed.

Trump won. He’ll be taking a victory lap.

So, you’ve learned absolutely nothing. Got it.

I’m very skeptical that McConnell will keep his word. This feels like just another Democratic cave-in.

If you believe Paul & Mitch will keep their word, I’ve got a bridge in Brooklyn to sell you. #TrumpShutdown

And what if Paul Ryan never brings it up for a vote in the House?

Ok well your base is none too impressed – nor do we think the GOP will act in good faith & do the right thing about the dreamers

McConnell is lying. You know it, we know it.

I don’t share your enthusiasm Senator. February 8 we will in all likelihood be right where we are now. Hopefully then you will stand up and fight instead of trying to appease these Republicans and our President.#ProtectDreamers

We will see. Remember, The Republicans, in Congress, are in the untenable position of trying to figure out what Steve Miller would be willing to approve.

Not gonna happen.

You got played again.

How can you be so sure? You trust @SenateMajLdr ? I don’t as far as I can throw him and his little buddy @SpeakerRyan too.

Color me skeptical. McConnell is a liar, and it amazes me that anyone is taking him at his word. If past is prologue, he’s gonna pull the football right before you kick. Again.

Charlie Brown. Football. Lucille van Pelt.

Let’s see…three weeks from now you all will be huffing and puffing about broken promises. McConnell has proven he can’t be trusted.

Yeah.. too bad you’ve all been had. I’ll be very surprised if the Republicans give you 1/100th of what you’re asking for. Sad day for Democrats.

Senator, if McConnell betrays you(and unfortunately I believe WHEN he betrays you), will you then realize that you have to protect these young people? Or are you going to stand by and let them be treated cruelly?
Just wondering.

You can’t represent all Missourians if you don’t represent the people who want our promises to the DREAMers to be kept. There is bipartisan legislation with broad support in Congress and in the country. #DreamActNow

“have the opportunity” right

Make no mistake, your constituents are NOT encouraged, just disappointed.

why did you back down?! I’m so disappointed in you.

The only thing the GOP agreed to was debating DACA, you all just burned the DREAMERS because the GOPs record of following through on “deals” is as shady as a note lot car salesman

You trust McConnell? Lol try asking Senator Collins what happens when McConnell makes promises….

The mistake is in thinking Susan Collins (r) cared.

Disappointed. Dreamers wait nervously till the next #shutdown . Thx.

They’ve pulled the wool over your eyes….again. Thanks for nothing.

I simply cannot believe you people have an ounce of trust for Mitch McConnell. Why do you think he’s suddenly going to change???

So glad you’re happy. The rest of us, not so much.

Cue Trump victory lap in 3…. 2….

You caved. Once again disappointing your base. All while Trump and his zombies pander to theirs with talk of victory. Shameful, Senator. From a vet and military spouse of over 23 years.

don’t be scared b/c trump won Missouri in 2016. You need to always stand for what is right – not what is expedient. There is no reason to trust the GOP and @SenateMajLdr.

So it comes to the floor in the Senate and then Paul Ryan doesn’t bring it to the House floor. Then what?

We’re not gonna change our headline.

You really believe this will happen? When has it recently?

I’m as conservative as they come. But I like you.

Says it all, eh? He has never voted for you. He will never vote for you.

When have McConnell and the GOP ever shown themselves to be trustworthy? We’ll have another shutdown in 3 weeks and immigration issues will still be in limbo! But good job working TOGETHER, I guess….

Not a bang, but a whimper.

That didn’t go well.