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Yesterday at the Missouri Ethics Commission for the Orwellian named campaign committee in opposition to the repeal of “right to get paid less” and in opposition to reapportionment reform:

C171367 12/28/2017 Freedom To Work Steven Craig 1 Oceancrest Newport Coast CA 92657 Craig Realty Group President/CEO 12/26/2017 $50,000.00

[emphasis added]

That’s a chunk of change.

Why would someone from California be interested in ballot initiatives in Missouri?

Steve Craig Named Chairman of New Majority Orange County
Date: February 23, 2017 […]
Orange County, CA – Today New Majority California announced the election of Steve Craig to serve as chairman of its Orange County Chapter.
Craig has been a New Majority member for five years and has served on the group’s Board of Directors since 2015. He serves as President and CEO of Craig Realty Group in Newport Beach.
The group continues to support local and national inclusive, fiscally conservative candidates and causes, as well as those that further the goal of expanding the Republican Party.

Allrighty then.


Campaign Finance: Freedom to Work? (December 21, 2017)