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Today from Josh Hawley (r), via Twitter:

Josh Hawley‏ @HawleyMO
On the eve of @clairecmc’s 50th town hall, Missouri families need to know about her 50 worst votes for higher taxes: [….] #mosen
9:43 AM – 15 Dec 2017

Some of the responses:

Well at least Missourians see her at public meetings instead of the wine aisle on a Friday afternoon, only public place you’re seen.

You may not want to mention how many town halls @clairecmc has held. MO repubs don’t have a great track record in that department.

Why haven’t you filed anything to save #NetNeutrality? Why are you refusing to investigate the governor’s violation of records laws? Why are you already running for higher office after you swore you weren’t just another politician climbing the ladder? Maybe you need a town hall.

Lol you are going to get crushed and I cannot wait.

LOL…Blunt is nowhere to be seen, Greitens is dismantling public education, and you turn your head while all of it happens in our state. Keep up the good work, @clairecmc! Thank you for looking out for Missourians.

Is that what is known as constructive criticism by the Greedy Old Party ??

Speaking of transparency, when are you and EricG going to publish your donor lists. You sound Koch-ish, no?

Really?! I can’t EVEN deal with you today. Why don’t YOU put yourself out there and talk to Missourians instead of having Chocolate Milk with @EricGreitens and @realDonaldTrump

Why does any of this matter to the Attorney General exactly?

I thought you said you weren’t gonna climb ladders like a career politician?

At least she isn’t afraid to meet people and make her case. You hide in Jefferson City…oh wait, do you actually illegally live in Columbia still? Hard to keep track of your lies these days.

Maybe you should do a townhall before you start the negative campaigning

You mean she’s out on there listening and talking to her constituents??? Sounds like a good Senator to me.

And if you had her seat right now you’d vote for the monstrous tax bill that raids the Treasury to shovel more wealth at the rich. You’d probably also vote to cut Social Security and Medicare. No thanks, I’ll vote McCaskill.

So that’s 50 more town halls than you’ve done? Still endorsing pedophile Moore for Senate?

Josh, why are you avoiding the public like a craven coward?



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