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Chutzpah, too, considering Roy Blunt’s (r) active obstruction of the nomination process for Merrick Garland to the U.S. Supreme Court.

Roy Blunt (r) [2016 file photo].

On Twitter yesterday, from Senator Roy Blunt (r), taking cluelessness on social media to a whole ‘nother level:

Senator Roy Blunt‏ @RoyBlunt
Needless delay in confirming 8th Circuit Court nominee is bad for #MO. Time to vote on Justice Stras’ nomination
2:55 PM – 2 Nov 2017

Some of the responses:

Merrick Garland.
And don’t pretend to give a damn about Missourians. You’ve been bought and paid for.

If the 8th circuit position was vacant for 4 years it still wouldn’t make up for the shenanigans you pulled with Merrick Garland.

You need to research & check with your constituents. How about a #TownHall to discuss him.

Needless delay in confirming Supreme Court nominee is bad for MO. Time to vote on Judge Garland’s nomination.

Merrick Garland sound familiar to you? We will not forget.

There’s an election going on right now. We don’t confirm judges in election years, Roy.

Weird. You weren’t this enthusiastic about filling vacancies from 2010-2016. It’s like this isn’t a good faith argument…

Needless delay in even interviewing Merrick Garland made you look like what you are..a partisan hack who cares NOTHING about MO

You held up Merrick Garland for a year, you perjury supporting hypocrite

You unconstitutionally blocked the most qualified SCotUS nom in modern history for no reason. You have no moral high ground here.

Roy Blunt (r) thinks the peeple of misoori our stoopit.