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Even Republicans know that the current occupant of the white House is a disaster who is endangering the entire country – and they’re willing to talk about it. Privately.

And at least some Republicans are willing to admit publicly what we all know – Senator Bob Corker, Chair of the Foreign Relations Committee, for instance, who has likened the White House to “adult day care,” warning us that if something isn’t done, we’re headed for WWIII. Corker, of course, won’t be running for office and so doesn’t have to fear a primary challenge from the rampaging romper room wing of the GOP, so he has a get out of jail free card when he goes off on the colossal mistake that the Republican Party made in 2016.

Among the Republicans who can’t be bothered to do something to save us from the arrogant imbecile that they, along with the Russians and the “alt-right,” put in the White House is our own GOP Senator Roy Blunt whose response to Bob Corker’s cri de coeur was an exercise in bland fatuousness:

It’s an unfortunate exchange … I would like to see this end,” Sen. Roy Blunt (R-Mo.) said in the Capitol on Tuesday, adding that he does not, in fact, believe the White House is an adult day care center. “I would encourage them both to stop what they’re doing and get focused on what we need to be doing.”

I despair – “get focused on what we need to be doing,” he says. Like that’s going to happen. And like Blunt doesn’t know that it isn’t going to happen.

But, hey, what Blunt thinks “we need to be doing” is likely gonna hurt the rest of us big time – the guy’s a shill for the big money boys who put Trump in office so he could pack the courts in their favor. The fact that Trump’s crazy spills over to the rest of the GOP, effectively incapacitating their legislative agenda, is probably the silver lining to the Trump Cloud.

Of course, if or when the Trump cloud becomes a mushroom cloud, it isn’t going to make much difference.

*Last sentence of penultimate paragraph sightly revised for clarity (10:51 am, 10/12/2017).