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Among his stream of (per usual) incoherent tweets, Donald Trump tried today to trash talk Missouri Democratic Senator Claire McCaskill while touting his dominance in the state: “I will also be going to a wonderful state, Missouri, that I won by a lot in ’16. Dem C.M. is opposed to big tax cuts. Republican will win S!”

However, as Steve Benen notes, Trump is “slamming Sen. Claire McCaskill (D-Mo.) for opposing a tax-cut plan that does not currently exist.”

Even The Donald’s Wall Street minions, such as Chief Financial Advisor Gary Cohn and Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin, don’t try to pretend that they have managed to come up with anything but a “skeleton” that walks and talks a lot like former dum-dum tax proposals emanating from the direction of Donald the wanabe Dominator.

Also, McCaskill, currently touring the state in an effort to establish (or re-establish) her “moderate” bona fides,” has made it clear that she’s happy to welcome Trump to Missouri and quite willing to cooporate on tax reform:

“I’ve talked in a lot of my town halls about my support for simplifying the tax code by cleaning out loopholes and goodies for special interests, and lowering the corporate tax rate – as long as we’re doing it all through the lens of strengthening Missouri’s working families,” McCaskill said in a statement on Friday. “So I welcome President Trump to Missouri, and I’m looking forward to working with him to make bipartisan tax reform a reality.”

Of course McCaskill added that she’s all for tax reform as long as we’re doing it all “through the lens of strengthening Missouri’s working families.” That could pose a problem Trump-wise.

What’s worse, though, is that McCaskill’s most likely GOP opponent in 2018, Missouri Attorney General Josh Hawley, is planning on cutting Trump cold. Instead of greeting and meeting Trump, the titular head of his party, when he visits, Hawley is going to be away on a “family vacation.” Not really a surprising turn since Hawley’s mentor and most important supporter, former U.S. Senator John Danforth, has called on Missouri Republicans to repudiate the “hateful” Trump.

So obviously this little partisan-twist shows that Trump is an oblivious fool whose words should be disregarded because, no, as the title implies, he can’t get anything straight.

But perhaps it does suggest that Hawley is more principled than McCaskill?

No, my friends, it does not.

Hawley bills himself as a strict constitutionalist. But he has not, so far at least, allied himself openly with those honest conservatives who are appalled by the danger that Donald Trump poses to our constitutional system of government. Until he decides to stop using a lame excuse to avoid attending Trump’s Missouri do, and makes a public statement repudiating him, he’s no better than the ostensibly respectable woman whose upkeep is paid for by a classless vulgarian she refuses to acknowledge in public.

It also suggests that Hawley may not even be as smart as McCaskill. Does he think that Trump’s rabid Missouri supporters won’t realize that he’s dissed their boy?