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Donald Trump is coming to Springfield, Missouri on Wednesday. Senator Roy Blunt (r) is pleased.

Roy Blunt (r) [2016 file photo].

On Friday, via Twitter:

Senator Roy Blunt‏ @RoyBlunt
Glad that @POTUS will be in Springfield to highlight economic benefits that pro-growth policies will have for #MO families & businesses
1:24 PM – 25 Aug 2017

Some of the responses:

Between Trump, you, Greitens and Mo. GOP the only thing highlighted in Mo. is our new travel advisory status, our lack of providing needed…
aid to our elderly, disabled, foster children, Vets, etc. so that the rich and Corporations can have more tax cuts. The only thing trickling…
down in Missouri is poverty! Corporations do not give back to employees or community, they keep for themselves

I’m sure that POTUS will cite the huge benefits Missouri and Kansas have experienced with all the tax cuts.

Wonder which trump will show, teleprompted or unhinged. We know which Roy will show, grinning lap dog.

Are you sure? Or, is he going to rant about “fake” news and perceived slights from fellow GOP members for 77 minutes?

Mexico will provide the tax plan.

Maybe you should be encouraging him to focus Harvey and try to staff FEMA instead of coming here to stroke his ego and lie to us.

We don’t want him here

MO doesn’t need to hear about the tax policies of a man who won’t release his taxes. He and his bigot brigade are not welcome here.

Praying for Texas enduring Harvey and MO enduring Donald.

Makes sense. Springfield is Klan country.

Have the moral integrity to stand up to trump. He is ruining the Republican party.

With Arpaio pardoned, you are welcoming a man who continues to come out on the side of racism #notmypresident #ImpeachNow Silence tells all.

I wish instead of cheering him coming to our state, take a leadership role and stand up to his childish behavior

You are an embarrassment to Mo. He shouldn’t be welcomed here. He doesn’t care about anyone but himself. Oh wait. You have that in common

Im a farmer Roy. i too am interested in how much he addresses any of what youre referring to. im guessing Trump will be talking about Trump

Sad that pro-growth is really only code for anti-health & anti-environment. I guess as long as the rich get richer people don’t need water

Senator @RoyBlunt, how can you trust any @POTUS appearance to not turn into a rambling rant about nothing in particular?

You’re scared he’ll talk smack about you if you don’t welcome him? He doesn’t care about Americans unless he can use them. He’ll use you too

This will be a great photo op for Roy. Everyone knows Roy loves photo ops, unlike his fear of town hall meetings. tRump talks Roy language.

So presidential. He cares nothing about this country. Only himself. And you choose to support him instead of representing & fighting for MO

I’m not glad. And newsflash: trump doesn’t give a rip about working families anywhere.

Senator Blunt – you will be remembered for enabling a President who consistently chooses the morally indefensible.

You picked the wrong side of history. Choosing @realDonaldTrump over Americans, you lose. There is no excuse or reasoning for your decision

Your continued support of Trump puts you on wrong side of history. You continue to put party and self-interest over best for Missourians.

“burdensome regulations” and “tax reform” code for ” making the wealthy wealthier and keeping the workers waiting for trickle down crumbs”

The only reason he’s coming to Springfield is to campaign. He has no interest in Missourians.

You’re an embarrassment to Missouri. Donnie is an embarrassment for the whole United States

“Burdensome regulations” like the EPA rule preventing toxic coal ash being dumped in waterways. Great job letting your rivers be polluted.

There will be no redemption for you if you stand in support of this white supremacist. We will know without a doubt where you stand.

The only pro-growth you two are worried about is your own personal bank accounts #ImpeachTrump

The darkest places in hell are reserved for those who maintain their neutrality in times of moral crisis.
Dante Alighieri

Like shutting down the government if he can’t get funding for his transparent border wall? He, like you, should stay out of MO

You can hold KKK rallies but not town hall meetings?

Your support for the modern world’s most prominent Nazi has been duly noted.

Unlike some other Republicans who actually care about this country, you have now joined yourself to the #CRAYCRAY #RascistInChief Disgusting

Sad that Senator Blunt is a shameless, spineless sycophant to a racist POTUS.

@clairecmc is busy holding #TownHall
Why won’t you??

And on and on…


Donald Trump is coming soon to a city near you (August 28, 2017)